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TLC’s I Am Jazz came about in 2015 and since then, the reality television series has been renewed for seven seasons. The show is about a transgender girl named Jazz Jennings’ journey over the years and on it, viewers are given an insight into what life is like for Jazz as well as her family who are featured on the show. Now, you may find out all about her brother Griffen Jennings in the rest of the writing.

Griffen Jennings Job

In May 2021, Griffen Jennings started working part-time as a law clerk at Southern Legal Counsel in Gainesville, Florida. As of August the same year, he also started working as Florida Law’s staff editor and the University of Florida – Fredric G. Levin College of Law’s graduate teaching assistant.

By the look of his social media, Griffen seemed to be attending the University of Florida, the same university his twin brother graduated from a while ago. On LinkedIn, he wrote that he graduated from the University of Florida in December 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Finance and that he is currently a member of the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law Class of 2023.

Not just him but even his fans on TLC have been proud of his accomplishments and are looking forward to his future endeavors.

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Griffen Jennings Net Worth

Griffen Jennings had an estimated $600K net worth in 2021.

Who Is Griffen Jennings Girlfriend? Is He Still Dating Alexa?

Back in June 2013, Griffen Jennings was “as single as a pringle” and was desperately looking for a relationship that will last him a lifetime. He would often make tweets like — “I want a relationship with someone who will care for me at least half as much as I’ll care for them..”.

In 2015, giving dating advice to his only sister, he tweeted — “My advice to @JazzJennings__in regards to dating is…. DONT🙅🏻”.

Then around November in 2017, we spotted him likely dating Alexa who also goes around as Lex. Nevertheless, fast forward to today, the couple does not seem to exist anymore.

Griffen Jennings Height

Griffen Jennings stands above 5’9” tall.

Griffen Jennings Real Name

Griffen’s real name is Griffen Bloshinsk.

It is said each one of Jennings family members uses fake names for their show on TLC and their social media presence because they wanted to protect their businesses from critics’ harassment and to ensure the trust of their clients but likely also from things like unwanted calls and visits from the overly concerned fans.

Griffen’s parents were using the pseudonyms Renée and Scott back when they entered the public eye around 2007.

The folks, now, do not go by Renée and Scott, but they do keep their real last name a secret. Jennings is not their real last name.

  • What Is Griffen Jennings Date Of Birth?

As you know, Griffen Jennings has a twin brother named Sander Jennings. Viewers saw them celebrate their 21st birthday in season 6.

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They were born on 10 March 1998 making them Pisces and 23-year-old in 2021. So, as they turned 23, it was their first time not being together on their birthday and Sander had taken to his Facebook to write — “I will always laugh at your terrible jokes, support your passions, and be there for you. Always remember, not a single day goes by that you don’t cross my mind. I love you, brother, ❤️🎉”.

  • How Many Episodes Of I Am Jazz Features Griffen Jennings?

Griffen Jennings showed up for 17 episodes of I Am Jazz (2015 – 2021). Back in 2011, he also appeared in the TV movie documentary I Am Jazz: A Family in Transition.

On these programs, Griffen, his twin brother, older sister Ari Jennings and his parents Jeannette and Gregg Jennings, are seen incredibly protective of his sister, Jazz. Jazz is the youngest in the family.

Jazz was born biologically male. But when her mother learned about Jazz’s desire to become a girl at the age of two, her mother and the rest of the family supported her into her transition. And today the whole family has turned out to be transgender activists.

Jazz turned 21 on 6 October 2021 making her four years younger than Ari, her eldest sibling. Ari, meanwhile, turned 24 on 24 December 2020.

  • Is Griffen Jennings On Twitter, Instagram?

Yes. Griffen Jennings is on Instagram. The account @griffen_jennings had 163 posts and 99.8K followers until 9 December 2021.

Further, on TikTok @griffenjennings he had 31.8K followers, his Twitter @Griffen44 had some 12.1K followers, and a few years ago he also posted on his self-titled YouTube channel.

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On these platforms, Griffen helped educate the community on trans and other sexuality-related topics.

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