Gray Benko Sister: Who Is Catherine Highsmith Deutsch?

Gray Benko inherited his passion for photography from his father and also continued to work with him renovating historic homes on Magnolia Network’s Happy to Be Home With the Benkos. But his sister, Catherine Highsmith Deutsch, followed her mother and learned finance and marketing.

Get to know her better below.

Meet Catherine Highsmith Deutsch, Sister of Magnolia Network’s Gray Benko

Catherine Highsmith Deutsch is the beloved sister of Gray Bank. She is the only one in the family whose work does not get tangled up with the work of others.

If you didn’t know, her parents, Joe and Mary Highsmith, worked at Highsmith Construction. There, Joe was involved in construction or design, while Mary primarily handled all of Highsmith Construction’s accounting functions. She could also tell that Mary has done a lot of the work behind the scenes that keeps Highsmith Construction running like a well-oiled machine.

His company, Highsmith Construction, has been building custom homes since 1952, long before the Hilton Head area became a hotspot. Joe’s father, Farris, appears to have built a house for the island’s first teacher on what is now the historic Honey Horn Plantation, and Joe joined him at work on his 12th birthday. After his father passed away, Joe took over the business and hired his wife. Today, they pride themselves on creating brand new custom homes, remodeling existing residences, building commercial space, and building tenants.

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Joe and Mary turned 72 and 75 in 2023.

As for Gray, he also works in renovations and design. So when he filmed Happy to Be Home With the Benkos, he brought his father along and together they restored the historic homes of Summerville, South Carolina. “This new series features designer Gray Benk, who brings color and happiness to historic homes in the South Carolina lowlands,” reads the series’ official description. “Her thoughtful handyman husband of hers, Mike, and eccentric contractor dad, Grumpy, join her in bringing her whimsical visions to life.”

The theme of the show was like any other design show. Gray drove to the new client’s house and outlined what he wanted from his project, and then his mother oversaw the entire renovation. But it is not as simple as it seems. “With these old houses, you’re looking at 200 years of layers,” Gray’s husband, Mike, said. “Rehabbing a historic home has its problems.” However, Gray concluded, they happily accepted these challenges because “it means a lot to us to be able to bring that happiness to the homes where we work.”

Unfortunately, the series ended up in six episodes, each one hour long. And we don’t know if season 2 is on the way or not.

Catherine Highsmith Deutsch Age

Catherine Highsmith Deutsch was 38 years old in 2023.

She is three years younger than her sister Gray.

Catherine Highsmith Deutsch Work

Catherine Highsmith Deutsch graduated from Clemson University (BS Marketing) in 2006 and began her career as an advertising intern at Erwin-Penland. After four months of experience, she joined Ferguson Enterprises for the next two years in the Management Training Program.

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Finally, in August 2008, she landed a job as a financial recruiter with International Market Recruiters. There she specialized in permanent recruiting at major investment banks and brokerage firms and identified and qualified candidates for high priority positions in various specialties over the next 2 years and 3 months.

In October 2010, Catherine joined Ally Financial as a Senior Talent Acquisition Recruiter. After four years, she became their Human Resources Manager, then Director of Information Technology Human Resources in the next 2 years and Director of Talent Acquisition Human Resources in another 2 years.

Today, as of 2023, Catherine works at Ally Financial as the Director of Human Resources for Retail and Consumer Banking, leading the human capital, strategy and execution team for multiple lines of business within the Retail and Consumer Banking division of Ally.

Who is the husband of Catherine Highsmith Deutsch?

Catherine Highsmith Deutsch married her husband Stephen Deutsch on April 30, 2011 at the River House in Oldfield Plantation. However, the two welcomed their first child, Emerson “Emmy” Graham Deutsch, on December 9, 2017, and their second, John Wilson Deutsch, on March 7, 2021.

Now, as of 2023, Emmy is already in school and John is in kindergarten.

Thanking her husband for being a great father, Catherine wrote on her IG on Father’s Day 2018: “Happy first father’s day @sdeutsch! He’s been killing the daddy game for the past 9 weeks at home with Emmy and nothing makes me smile more than the way she lights up when he walks into the room.”

Stephen Deutsch @sdeutsch also studied finance at the University of Florida. He then went on to study international business at the University of Florida and the University of New South Wales.

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Fun fact: Gray was one of Catherine’s pre-wedding photographers.

  • When is Catherine Highsmith Deutsch’s birthday?

Catherine celebrates her birthday on September 30 and belongs to the zodiac sign of Libra.

To celebrate her 33rd birthday, Catherine and her husband went on a week-long hike to Highlands, North Carolina.

  • Where is Catherine Highsmith Deutsch from?

Catherine hails from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

But in 2023, he was living in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Is Catherine Highsmith Deutsch on Instagram and Facebook?

As of April 2023, Catherine had 420 followers on Instagram @chighsm.

Also, here is her Facebook @catherinehighsmith.

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