GPS Locker MOD APK (Prime unlocked) 2.4.1

Usually there are some problems and glitches with GPS when you change apps or turn off your phone. Using GPS Locker won’t let this happen again. Keep your GPS fixed in your smartphone and unaffected by any other activity. Always use GPS if you are busy or cannot reach your phone. In addition, it helps to lock GPS signal faster and more accurately. If used for a long time, the quality of the GPS will not be there. The one who benefits the most is the user who gets the convenience and no longer has to worry about GPS glitches.

We use GPS every day. It can be used for locating and navigating, ordering online, locating people… so if they fail or crash, that’s a problem. Understand this and GPS Locker will help you improve again. The first is to completely lock the GPS to a specific location. Time to reset and improve will not belong. After a few minutes, you should see a marked improvement in GPS quality. Not only on the main device but also on other devices with smooth effects.

Download GPS Locker mod – Lock GPS & Improve Location Quality

The main interface of GPS Locker is a rather confusing diagram for most users. But after a long exposure, you will get used to it and know how to use it. The numbers represent points and the corresponding GPS coordinates. The chart will increase or decrease depending on your current position. Please enable GPS before using GPS Locker. This way the new parameter comes in and you know it. Below is the GPS lock button that plays the main role in this application. When you press the button, the GPS will lock completely. It will reset to proper usage. You won’t have to wait too long, but don’t do anything when GPS is locked.

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suitable for each game

Somewhere on the market there will also be games that require GPS to play. If you like games like this, then GPS Locker is for you. Games with faulty GPS are almost unplayable. Access and tap GPS lock in two easy steps. You have solved a game problem. Enjoy it now and if it happens again, it’s free. Don’t forget to lock the GPS so they are set up perfectly.

GPS locker mod APK

Simple auto-tuning

The settings of GPS Locker are very detailed, please pay attention to this section. Most importantly, actions related to the screen can affect GPS. You can save battery life by turning off the screen when GPS is off. Turn on the GPS auto-lock feature when it senses it’s malfunctioning and needs regular maintenance. In addition, GPS Locker is linked with many other navigation applications. So most likely there will be a shortcut to jump to GPS Locker directly on that app. Please install it for your convenience.

Quick and easy operation

After a successful GPS repair, check if the application you need to use is working properly. GPS Locker also has a special function. Priority applications can be launched immediately after GPS is fixed. The purpose is still to check if the GPS is working properly. You can turn this mode on and off at any time. This is necessary when you are busy and forget your smartphone so as not to miss important information from applications that use GPS.

Free GPS locker mod APK

Although there is only one function of locking and fixing GPS errors, GPS Locker is still very popular with users. GPS quality on reset is also commendable. GPS Locker mod is a pocket application that will be very useful when you use GPS a lot on your smartphone.

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Download GPS Locker MOD APK for Android (Prime Unlock)

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