Gotham Knights character guide: Which hero should I pick?

While Gotham Knights is a superhero game set in Gotham City starring the Bat Family, you can’t actually play as Batman. The caped crusader is dead, and it’s up to players to save Gotham as one of Batman’s four sidekicks: Nightwing, Reed Hood, Robin, or Batgirl. All four of them have very skills, Knighthood traversal abilities, and Momentum Abilities they can use to take on enemies they encounter while patrolling Gotham City. Players can switch characters anytime they want in the Belfry or go out on a multiplayer patrol with two of the same hero.

Still, you might be wondering which superhero best fits your playstyle. We’ve broken down the best ways to use and the best skills and momentum abilities of each hero so you can decide which one you’ll use the most in your Gotham Knights adventure.

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  • For players who prefer multiplayer
  • Best skills: Evade Chain, Revive Darts, Aerial Bounce
  • Best momentum abilities: Whirlwind, Nest

Although Nightwing is totally viable when playing Gotham Knights alone, Dick Grayson’s abilities really shine when you’re playing with a friend. That is the case because his Skills allow him to cover a lot of ground in find and his Momentum Abilities have area-of-effect impacts that will benefit your crime-fighting duo. Unlocking Evade Chain allows Nightwing to gracefully string together his dodges, and later skills build upon this to knock down enemies and restore momentum at the end of a chain. Meanwhile, two of his Momentum Abilities, Elemental Shockwave and Whirlwind, do great area-of-effect damage, knocking enemies back and possibly dealing elemental damage to them.

While working with a friend, Nightwing can quickly move around to deal damage, knock back, and add elemental damage to enemies. If your ally dies, the Revive Darts skill also gives you a quick way to heal them. If you plan on playing with a friend, try giving Nightwing a shot if you want to see what a support role in Gotham Knights looks like. You’ll enjoy flying around Gotham with his Knighthood traversal ability, Flying Trapeze, too.

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Red Hood

Red Hood fights a Talon in Gotham Knights.Image used with permission by copyright holder

  • For players who prefer the strongest character
  • Best skills: Human Bomb, Large Grab, Focused Fire
  • Best momentum abilities

Red Hood doesn’t have as definitive of an advantage or use case as the other three heroes; he’s just very strong up close and from afar. Using his trusty non-lethal pistols, Red Hood brings the pain to any fight he’s in. After you unlock the Human Bomb, Large Grab, and Extended Grab Window skills, he can grab and throw any enemy under 50% health and deal area-of-effect damage after it. If you prefer to shoot enemies, Focused Fire makes his precision aim attack do four times more damage.

Jason Todd’s momentum abilities also bring the hurt. Mystical Rounds allows him to shoot a Lazarus Pit-powered attack that deals massive damage to enemies, and Portable Turret lets Red Hood set up a mini-turret that can take on some enemies while you’re fighting someone else. He also has the coolest Knighthood traversal ability, as Mystical Leap allows him to hop around Gotham City in midair. Overall, Red Hood is a great choice for players who want to be powerful. This also makes him a decent choice for multiplayer, as he can finish off any enemy left behind by an ally.


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  • For players who want to be stealthy
  • Best skills: Turnabout Takedown, Vantage Hanging Takedown, Slideways Takedown
  • Best momentum abilities: Bo Spin, Cloak

Although stealth isn’t always the best (or allowed) approach in Gotham Knights, players who want to be as stealthy as possible should pick Robin, as many of Tim Drake’s best abilities center on stealthy takedowns. The Turnabout Takedown skill ensures that he can take down enemies of any size before he’s seen, while Vantage Hanging Takedown is the only way to do Batman’s iconic perch takedowns in Gotham Knights. Robin can also use to teleport during his Knighthood traversal ability to do a Slideways Takedown that can instantly take down any enemy in sight.

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While many of his momentum abilities are more focused on combat than stealth, you can use Bo Spin to get Robin out of a sticky situation and deal some damage along the way. Alternatively, you can use Cloak to make Robin completely invisible for 10 seconds, giving you an easy way to escape and get stealthy again or a few moments to take out a couple of enemies before the start of the fight. Even if stealth isn’t always the best option in Gotham Knights, you’ll wish you were Robin whenever it’s the right choice.


Batgirl fights a Freak in Gotham Knights.Image used with permission by copyright holder

  • For players who want to play by themselves
  • Best skills: Second Wind, Vigilante Resolve, Remote Hacking
  • Best momentum abilities: Beatdown, Drone

If you’re playing Gotham Knights by yourself and want the smoothest experience, pick Batgirl. Not only does her Knighthood traversal ability allow her to glide around Gotham in a similar way to Batman in the Arkham games, but she also has skills that let the player revive themselves. After unlocking Second Wind, Batgirl can revive herself to 50% after being knocked out. With Vigilante Resolve, she can do it twice, and with Second Wind+, she gains a momentum segment and a 10% critical hit chance buff. It can be annoying to have to be sent back to a previous checkpoint or lose resources upon death, and playing as Batgirl ensures you’ll never run into that problem when alone.

Her other skills aren’t too shabby either, as others like Critical Expertise can increase her critical chance further, while Remote Hacking and other skills allow her to hack turrets, cameras, mines, electrical panels, laser control modules, and weapons in augmented reality (AR) mode. On the momentum ability front, you can deal a lot of damage with Beatdown or use Drone to summon a drone to damage enemies and heal Batgirl. Due to the utility of her self-revival, critical hit chance, hacking, and drone skills, you’ll be equipped to survive any situation if you pick Batgirl. As a result, she’s the best choice if you plan on playing Gotham Knight alone.

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