GOT7’s Jay B Talked About How He Got The Trademark Rights After Splitting With JYP Entertainment

GOT7 has been generating news since the boy band returned to the K-pop music business after splitting with their old agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE) in 2021. The lads released new music in the shape of an eponymous mini-album in 2022. In a recent interview with Sudsapda Magazine, group leader Jay B spoke up about the process of gaining the group’s trademark rights. According to Jay B:

“I didn’t accomplish anything really noteworthy.”

He was also questioned about his opinions on JYP Entertainment’s CEO, Jung Wook, and how he feels now that the trademark rights have been properly obtained.

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GOT7’s Jay B reveals details about gaining trademark rights and expresses gratitude to JYP Entertainment CEO.

In May 2022, GOT7 became the first K-pop boy group to quit one of the industry’s top music firms and become a wholly self-owned K-pop boy group. Group head Jay B was instrumental in carrying out the process of transferring the group’s ownership. Given the difficulty of gaining trademark rights, his devotion and commitment to his group gained him well-deserved accolades from millions of supporters.

GOT7’s Jay B recently spoke with Sudsapda magazine about the obstacles he had throughout the process, noting that the most challenging task was securing the rights to the group’s units.

“The difficult element is the units’ trademark rights. It was not difficult for the members who reside in Korea. However, we have several members that do not live in Korea.”

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According to Jay B, GOT7 members who resided or often spent time overseas, such as Mark Tuan, BamBam, and Jackson Wang, were required to sign for the procedure. As a result, he had to wait for them to come to Korea.

He stated:

“So I was attempting to find out how to get their signatures, and in the end, I had to wait for them to visit Korea and then obtain their signature once they arrived. That took a little longer.”

Jay B then spoke candidly about JYP Entertainment (JYPE) CEO Jung Wook. According to Jay B, when the group returned as a self-owned group in May 2022, Jung Wook and business founder J.Y. Park did not hesitate to transfer the members’ rights to the group.

“No matter how much I think about it, the fact that JYP CEO Jung Wook was prepared to relinquish the trademark rights was a significant factor. Following that, I just prepared the paperwork slowly. To be honest, it had been delayed quite a bit, so I felt really sorry for CEO Jung Wook.”


Jay B expressed his thanks for the company’s good reaction to the whole process after apologizing to JYPE’s CEO for the delay in the signing procedure. He said that his lawyer warned him that getting trademark rights was not normally as straightforward as this.

When questioned about the trademark procedure at his return press conference in May 2022, Jay B made sure to express his gratitude to Jung Wook and J.Y. Park for making the process go smoothly. Meanwhile, the GOT7 frontman has transferred the group’s trademark rights to his own company, 528Hz, which includes rights to light sticks, record productions, live performances, fan signs, meet and greets, and more. It has also been discovered that Jay B got the rights to the group’s unit names, which he shares with his group members.

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