GoT7’s BamBam Spoke About The Time That He Wanted To Leave The K-Pop Industry

GOT7’s BamBam has achieved a lot since leaving JYP Entertainment last January, although he had previously considered leaving the K-pop scene. On a recent episode of Transit Love 2 aka Exchange, MC BamBam shared his honest views on leaving everything behind and returning to Thailand. While he couldn’t explain why the thought bothered him, he said that he always wanted to excel in Korea. Hosting Transit Love 2 is now helping him achieve his goal.

“When my contract with JYPE (JYP Entertainment) expired, I was about to leave.” I was thinking about quitting my job and going back to Thailand. I’ve wanted to go to America since debuting in Korea and I believe Transit Love paved the way for me.”

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GOT7’s BamBam admits he wants to be successful again in Korea.

BamBam, a member of Thailand’s GOT7, has been performing well as a solo artist since leaving JYP Entertainment. Two hit albums, several fan gatherings, becoming a global ambassador for the NBA Golden State Warriors and countless incredible accomplishments complete his artistic resume. However, singer RiBBon said he is not famous in Korea.

Bambam praised the hosts and showrunners on the October 28 episode of Transit Love 2’s finale for making him more popular in Korea. The comment left guests Simon Da, Lee Yong-jin, Girl’s Day’s Yura, and Kim Ye-won stunned. After it was revealed he has 10 million followers on Instagram, the hero opened up about his views on leaving.

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Singer Slow Mo said he is thinking of leaving K-pop and going to Thailand. The guests kept praising the GOT7 member after his sincere comment. When the artist said that he now had “a bit more courage” to continue promoting in Korea, the audience burst into laughter.

This is not the first time BamBam has mentioned not being recognized by everyone. Last May, the 25-year-old star immigrated to Korea at the age of 13 and expressed her desire to “really be recognized here”. He has been compared to his stardom in Thailand, where he is considered one of the biggest stars in the country.

“Here (Korea) I can walk comfortably.” I am helpless in Thailand. I couldn’t leave the hotel. It’s surrounded by fans, so I can’t even go home… Despite the fact that I started here (Korea), it seems like I haven’t been recognized in Korea yet.”

GoT7's BamBam

He continued:

“I have cemented my position in Thailand and elsewhere.” While it’s important to get promoted abroad, I also want the recognition I deserve here. I believe that will calm me down. For now, I want to focus on promoting in Korea. There will be new results.”

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