Gold and Goblins MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.25.0

APK information of Gold and Goblins MOD

  • V1: Using diamonds in the shop does not decrease, but increases.
  • V2: 1 brick | High offline rewards

Surely we’ve all heard or seen dwarves in movies. Due to their size, number, and ferocity, they are collectively known as goblins. But coming to Gold and Goblins, you will have a completely different view of this species. Despite their strange appearance, they are very hardworking and dedicated to their passion. Their daily job is to dig and find gold mines. The world of the dwarves is no longer so alienated by gold and elves. A simple game that helps you learn and immerse yourself in the busy life of a mysterious dwarf.

The story closely follows the elves who, with diligence and enthusiasm, embark on a path to riches and become the richest race on the continent. Various jobs are waiting for you to mine minerals. You are a great leader who will help your kingdom grow and thrive. The gameplay is simple, easy to understand but extremely attractive to players. Especially for those who are fans of the tycoon simulation game series on the Roblox platform. This is a great option. Extremely specialized 2D imaging will bring you a whole new experience.

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When you reach the Golden and Goblin gates, you will be swept up in the life of the mine. Your mission is to manage a powerful army through mining jobs. Of course, you must always maintain the highest level of profit. Upgrade different parts, different skills and increase digging speed. Or use the money you earn to unlock different types of mines like gold, diamonds and rubies… and increase the amount in your pocket. Each perform their duties, but all for the common goal of national wealth. Let’s collect resources and become rich.Gold and Goblin apk free

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Simple but addictive game

Gold and goblins do not require you to have a lot of fighting skills or first-class thinking. All you need is a perfect plan to maximize your income. Don’t worry because you won’t have to touch your hands or feet or get dirty. Workers will do it all for you. It doesn’t take much effort to mine, process and sell gold. Also you can see 100% of everything they do and know the miner’s work.Gold and Goblin mod apk

Goblin upgrade merge

Like other merge games, you have to upgrade your army in a unique way. Start with little soldiers, take your time and be lazy. You will upgrade two units of the same level by merging them. They will have improved stats such as speed, efficiency… superiority. The key to victory is to focus on upgrading your biggest minions. They can only reach their full potential and benefit you if you create the gold and elves mod

different types of minerals

In Gold and Goblins, you will have many different types of minerals to upgrade. Upgrades are also very diverse and they will help you get more minerals. Since then, your profit has also increased many times compared to without the upgrade. To be eligible to upgrade any mineral, you must spend a certain amount of resources. They can also be obtained during your mining and mining. Remember that focusing on resource upgrades would be a step in the right direction.Gold and Goblin Mod

Events keep happening.

Different activities alternate each week. They always contribute to the mining of idle minerals, making them extremely interesting and unique. Here you can dig for gold and compete with more advanced goblins. Your goal is to find primary keys of different types. The deeper you go into the center, the more you will discover gold mines and explore dark tunnels. The hidden gems will be the reward for the bravest.

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Come to Gold and Goblins to challenge volcanic events, ice cubes and candies… Plus, you have the opportunity to become a real mining tycoon with a huge fortune. Glory belongs only to those who are diligent and wise. Can you do it It’s all up to you.

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