Goku Brawls With Master Roshi’s Best Alias In New Dragon Ball Fanart

Master Roshi is a staple Dragon ball A character has been around since the beginning, helping and guiding Goku and friends through tough times and appearing in a new fanart in the original series. Dragon ball The best alias of the Turtle Hermit in the series – master Jackie Chan – fights Wukong in a very stylized style!

Recently posted on Instagram with the username @jasonkangart, Jason is a concept artist and illustrator who specializes in original artwork and impressionist fan art. Draw characters from the world Dragon ballMarvel Comics, man one punch, Attack the giant, monsterWait, Jason’s drawing style blends perfectly with his more realistic visuals, cementing his status as a content creator worth following.

Over the years, Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, and many other Z-Fighters’ super-skillful, super-sexy mentor, Master Roshi is responsible for adding the iconic Kamehameha Wave attack to Goku’s fighting repertoire alongside Goku countless other offensive and defensive techniques. Finally, wanting to test his students at the World Championships without letting them hesitate, Master Roshi donned a new suit, removed his glasses, wore a wig, and participated in the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai under the alias. inspired by Jackie Chan Jackie Chan! It was here, in the final battle between young Goku and Jackie Chan, that Jason gathered his latest fan art to a stunning extent.

Goku and Jackie Chan shine in new fanart!

Showing Goku before he transforms into the destructive gorilla form he saw in the second half of the match and depicting Master Roshi in a full Jackie Chan costume, Jason draws these two mighty Z Warriors in flight. in the air with their Twin Legs outstretched, both aiming to kick each other for punishment. Illustrated in a more realistic but still sketchy way, Jason only adds to the dynamics of the scene, successfully bringing the fierceness of the fight to the fore while reminding fans of the journey to becoming a strong warrior. Where does Goku’s best start?

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So while Master Roshi’s Jackie Chun alias and the classes taught in his form may have long since been retired, he’s still Goku’s life guide for as long as the iconic Saiyan need. Master Roshi doesn’t get the chance to show off his skills as often as before, but with the help of Jason Kang (@jasonkangart), his epic brawl with Goku is recreated in the best possible way!

Source: @jasonkangart

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