God Of War Ragnarök Arrives On PC Through Impressive LEGO Rendition

As fans wait for confirmation of God of War Ragnarok for PC, a talented YouTuber has managed to recreate Kratos’ newest journey on the computer by building the whole game out of LEGO bricks. Earlier this year, Sony released a PC port of the 2018 God of War as part of a new initiative to make its first-party console exclusives more accessible. However, it’s still unknown when or if God of War Ragnarok will join its predecessor on PC marketplaces.

A YouTuber by the moniker ThrillDaWill decided to create a PC version of God of War Ragnarok in the humorous style of LEGO blocks, as reported by PCGamesN. ThrillDaWills’ recent video gives players an in-depth look at how the LEGO game was made from the ground up, and shows off some remarkably smooth gameplay, particularly when wielding God of War’s powerful Leviathan Axe, which ThrillDaWill cited as being really cool and simple to recreate. Despite the limitation of the simplistic style of LEGO blocks, the frigid realm of Midgard still evokes a sense of beauty as ThrillDaWill weaves together different colored blocks to convey God of War‘s familiar ice, snow, and rock formations.

LEGO God Of War Ragnarök Lightens Up The Game’s Emotional Story

While smashing through LEGO raiders as Kratos and seeing them explode into chunky red LEGOs looks immensely satisfying, ThrillDaWill insists the game’s most important feature is being able to press F to say ‘BOY.’ At any time during the game, a player can press the F key to make Kratos utter the iconic line. The LEGO God of War Ragnarok game is available for download on ThrillDaWill’s itch.io page.

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Having previously recreated Bethesda’s nuclear wasteland in a playable LEGO Fallout game, fans will be happy to know that ThrillDaWill’s latest excursion into Midgard looks just as entertaining. That said, if the deluge of LEGO games based on licensed properties has taught players anything, it’s that the LEGO style can be fun in and of itself. While this LEGO rendition might not be a perfect substitute for the monumental game, seeing Kratos and Atreus journey through a blocky version of the Nine Realms might still be a fun diversion for fans of the God of War series.

The LEGO style has proven itself to be a good fit for almost any IP, regardless of tone and setting. Thanks to talented players like ThrillDaWill, even a title as mature as God of War Ragnarok can find itself transformed into family-friendly building blocks. Hopefully, PC fans won’t have to wait until the next God of War game before Ragnarok arrives on Steam and other PC markets. But at least with LEGO God of War Ragnarok, they’ll have something to do until it arrives.

Source: ThrillDaWill/YouTube, ThrillDaWill/itch.io (via PCGamesN)

  • God of War Ragnarok God of War Ragnarok Franchise: God of War Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 Released: 2022-11-09 Developer: Santa Monica Studio Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Genre: Adventure, Action ESRB: M Summary: Ragnarok has arrived in God of War Ragnarok, the sequel to the 2018 game of the year released on PlayStation 4. Three years have passed since Kratos and his son, Atreus, completed their quest across the realms while facing a small handful of Norse gods. However, their actions come with consequences. The Allfather, Odin, is ready for vengeance, and his son, Thor, leads the charge. Atreus, looking to find more answers about his lineage on his mother’s side, embarks on another quest with his father to discover the truth while contending with the wrath of Odin’s realm in this conclusion to the Norse God of War Saga. How Long To Beat: 26 Hours Prequel: God of War
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