Girl saves dignity when picking up her boyfriend while drunk, video goes viral – ‘Bhai is happy to be like this’

The video has gone viral on social media in recent days. Where the boy was so drunk after the New Year’s party that he couldn’t walk. In this situation, his girlfriend took him on her shoulders and saved his honor.

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Many funny things spread on social networks. Some of the viral videos here are so funny that we can’t stop laughing. Sometimes these videos are so cute and funny that we even send them to our friends and relatives so they can enjoy them too. These days, such a girl-boy video has become the talk of everyone. After seeing who you will say, Pyaar Ho To Aisa..!

According to reports posted on, the incident happened on New Year’s Eve. The boy went to a party with his girlfriend, but when he returned, his condition became so bad that he could not even walk. In this situation, when the girl lifted him on her shoulder, all present were surprised to see the couple. Someone present made this video and uploaded it to TikTok, which is going viral right now.

This is how a lover helps his lover

The video was only 11 seconds long, but people liked it so much that the video went viral on the internet. Of which it received about 4 million (4 million) views. The video shows the girl carrying her boyfriend on her shoulder. The reason why her boyfriend gained weight was because she had to take care of him in the meantime. Although the title of the video does not mention where the incident happened, it is understood that the girl helped her boyfriend in that situation.

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According to NewsManthan, after watching the video, many users commented and gave their opinions. One user wrote: ‘It’s really hard to get a girl like that..’, while another user wrote: ‘Say something man, you are really lucky if your lover is like this ‘. In addition, many others have expressed themselves and given their opinions.

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