Ghostwire: Tokyo Xbox Game Pass Release Details – New Game Mode & Story

Ghost rope: TokyoXbox Game Pass versions for current-gen consoles and PC are in development, with a release date set for 2023. The supernatural action-adventure game from developer Tango Gameworks debuts for the first time. beginning in March 2022 for PS5 consoles and PC. The launch of Microsoft’s subscription service will end a year-long console exclusivity agreement with Sony. Xbox Series X/S owners will now be able to test the game.

In addition to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, publisher Bethesda Softworks has announced Ghost rope: Tokyo Also get free new content updates on all platforms. Despite Xbox’s surprise acquisition of Bethesda, the update will be available on the game’s original platforms, PS5 and PC, as well as those covered by Xbox Game Pass, be it console or Current PC.

When will Ghostwire: Tokyo be on Xbox Game Pass

According to Bethesda, Ghost rope: TokyoXbox Game Pass launches on April 12. Starting that day, Xbox Series X/S and PC Game Pass players will be able to play the game. It’s also worth noting that the game will also be added to the Microsoft Store for those who want to purchase digitally but can’t subscribe to Game Pass. Buying it will also guarantee permanent access to the title should it leave the Xbox Game Pass service.

Ghostwire: New Tokyo Story Content and Game Mode Details

Walker Yokai, a faceless creature with eyes in a suit, holds an umbrella in the deserted streets of Ghostwire: Shibuya, Tokyo.

With the launch of Xbox Game Pass, Ghost rope: TokyoAccording to Bethesda, new content called the “Spider Silk” update will be released on April 12. This means PS5 and PC players who already own and install the game will be able to get started. update. Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X/S subscribers, on the other hand, will download the latest expansion.

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Ghost rope: TokyoThe Spider’s Thread update will feature a new game mode, called Spider’s Thread. In this game mode, Akito is challenged through 30 stages with the sole goal of reaching the finish line. Tango has prepared a total of 120 different levels, so players have to repeat the activities to experience them all. Ghost rope: TokyoNew supernatural stage. Through elements similar to roguelike games, players will gradually unlock skills and can level up in randomly selected levels. The main difference is that the levels are not procedurally generated.

In addition to the Spider’s Thread game mode, Ghost rope: TokyoNew content updates released with Xbox Game Pass will also feature new expansions for the game map. According to Bethesda, these additions include the middle school district. Players will be able to pick up new quests in these new locations, although it hasn’t been revealed how many missions will be available. Ghost rope: TokyoShibuya area. The main story has also been revised, with cutscenes added, showing more details of Akito’s quest to defeat Hanna and save his sister.

Ghost rope: TokyoThe new free update for Xbox One will also introduce new types of opponents to help round out the powerful upgrades Xbox Game Pass subscribers are receiving. Bethesda mentioned Silent Gaze and Retribution as some of the new enemies, but didn’t say how many new enemies there will be, and whether they will be specific to new areas or if they will spread throughout Tokyo. Another reason for both veterans and newbies to explore the game is to face these enemies with Akito’s new skills. Ghost rope: Tokyo, including Charge Rush and Counter Attack. While the number of new abilities has not been revealed, any ability will come in handy given the game’s rather limited options.

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Final, Ghost rope: TokyoThe Xbox Game Pass announcement is the most exciting news yet. However, the plethora of new content will likely not only encourage veteran players to return to Tango’s horror-filled Tokyo, but also better introduce newcomers to the already impressive setting. Tango Gameworks has been working hard lately, because in addition to Ghost rope: TokyoXbox version and content updates, recently released studio Hi-Fi ShockIt has been well received by critics and players alike.

Source: Bethesda Softworks/YouTube

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