Genshin Impact’s Overflowing Mastery As A Weekly Bonus Is A Great Idea

The Mastery Spill event in Genshin Impact is great for earning talent upgrade materials, but it’s really supposed to be a weekly bonus for players.

Genshin ShockThe actual excess mastery event would be better if it was a weekly reward. Fluent Fluency is a recurring event in developer HoYoverse’s open-world role-playing game. Basically, players will be rewarded with three talent upgrade materials in Teyvat per day for the entire duration. This means that their first three attempts on these types of domains will double their winnings when claimed.

Mastering overflow is a great way to boost farming results, giving players a better chance to max out their characters quickly. However, since its launch in May 2021, the event has only been held a total of 4 times. In fact Genshin ShockSpill Mastery will no longer be an event entirely and begin as a weekly bonus.

Mastering Genshin Impact will be like a weekly boss battle

Genshin Impact's dragon Dvalin spread its wings and flew through the sky.  The sky behind is clear.

The first three weekly boss battles in the Trounce Domain require half of the Original Resin for rewards, which is a huge incentive to run them. Similar, Genshin ShockThe talent upgrade material area will have weekly excess mastery rewards. If players can challenge these fields every week and get double rewards for the first 3 runs, or even the first 3 runs for half the cost, then the incentive to farm these This material will be huge. It hardly breaks the game and besides, it can motivate even the laziest players to run the domain at least a few times a week.

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Farming talent upgrade materials may run out in Genshin Impact

Fluent banners in Genshin Impact reveal a variety of talent materials.  Text says:

grinding workpiece Genshin Shock This is probably the most grueling activity in the entire game, but it’s second only to cultivating enough ingredients to boost your character’s talents. Talent upgrade materials can not only be obtained three times a week, but the number of drops per run is not very large. Therefore, players sometimes have to wait for days before they can really challenge the desired field. Even using all 160 Raw Resin might not be enough to give them what they need for a single talent level, making the operation a hassle. Genshin ShockTurning overflow proficiency into a weekly bonus can alleviate this.

Get enough talent materials Genshin Shock easier and less time consuming. The weekly overflow mastery bonus will also be modest, not enough for players to get everything they need quickly, but enough to keep them motivated to farm. In fact, event rewards are often a great way to get players to start running talent upgrade raw domains and then continue, even when the rewards are gone.

Players will benefit greatly from Genshin ShockOutstanding proficiency becomes a weekly reward. Even HoYoverse can see that player activity in these domains has such rewards in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The game brings a lot of benefits to players, such as giving tourists a different outfit Genshin Shock. Small weekly bonus as an incentive to clear customs Genshin Shockis a domain that HoYoverse should not ignore.

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