Genshin Impact: Where to Find Sweet Flowers (& What They’re For)

Sweet flowers are an ingredient that grow in certain places in the world of Genshin Impact and are used to make sweet cooking recipes.

The world of Genshin Impact is filled with diverse fauna for players to collect and use as resources. Whether they be the Philanemo mushrooms of Mondstat or the Qingxin flowers in the high reaches of Liyue, there’s always plant life growing around the corner.

One of the many species of flowers native to Teyvat is the sweet flower. Identified by its bright petals and sweet smell, it is used as a base ingredient in cooking. For aspiring chefs looking to harvest this resource for their culinary pursuits, here’s where it can be picked.

Cooking with Sweet Flowers in Genshin Impact

Childe with flowers

Sweet flowers currently have two culinary uses. The first is a second ingredient in the Sweet Madame recipe. This is an excellent health-restoring dish that players have access to immediately when they start the game, making it a useful healing item while exploring or fighting bosses. Keep a steady stock of this resource, and fowl, to cook as many madames as possible. Additionally, sweet flowers are used to process sugar, another cooking material used in recipes. While it’s possible to purchase sugar from stores, processing it naturally with the flowers is a great way to save on mora.

Aspiring chefs won’t need to look hard to find sweet flowers, as they’re located all around Teyvat. That said, there are several areas where pockets of them grow. Flower-pickers should take notes on these locations, so they can warp there any time they are fresh out of sugar or sweet madames.

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Around Mondstat

  • The city that the region is named after is fortified by a giant wall. Outside that wall, there are some sweet flowers blooming and waiting to be picked. Run around the outskirts of the wall to find them and be careful not to fall into Cider Lake.

The Hill at Dawn Winery

  • The Statue of the Seven located at Diluc’s estate is placed atop a distinct hill which is home to several of the flowers.

The Guili Plains Ruins

  • On the way to Liyue Harbor, there’s a vast amount of ruins on the eastern side of the road. It once belonged to a lost civilization and contains many treasures, but also has a number of sweet flowers growing throughout it. Follow the winding paths through the ruins to find the plant among the grass.  Many also appear along the roadside in that area, so visit there as well.

The Western Bishui Waterfalls

  • Across the water from Qingce village rests a small alcove, home to a teleporter waypoint, a Liyue Shrine of Depths, and some sweet flowers. After reaching the waypoint, head south across the bridge there to find flower patches with several of the sweet fauna.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, IOS, Android, and PlayStation.

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