Genshin Impact Weapon Element Combos That STILL Aren’t In-Game

In spite of Genshin Shock There are over 50 playable characters in the game, but some weapons and elemental combinations are still missing from the list. Although they have a unique design and gameplay compared to other characters, Genshin Shock The characters 3.5 Dehya and Mika do not carry new weapons and elemental combinations. However, very few of these still exist in the game, so players will likely have characters of each type combined in the near future.

Currently, there are five playable weapons and seven game elements Genshin Shock, which means there are 35 potential combinations of weapons and elements in the game. Although there are many roles, many of them have a genre combination that overlaps with other existing roles. For example, the three users of Pyro/Claymore, Diluc, Dehya and Xinyan all share the same type combination. With the recent announcement Genshin Shock However, the character Kaveh wields Claymore and possesses Dendro Vision, Genshin Shock Fans can complete their character collection with any combination.

What elemental combos and Genshin weapons are missing?

Of the 35 combinations of weapons and elements Genshin Shock, two apps have not been included or announced so far – Cryo/Catalyst and Hydro/Claymore. Speculation has suggested that the Cryo/Catalyst character could be difficult to balance in the game due to his ability to continuously apply the Cryo element and produce a consistent freeze response. The Hydro/Claymore character seems to fit the current design better Genshin Shockbut the game may not introduce such characters until launch Genshin ShockHydroelectric area, Fontaine.

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What will Genshin Impact’s missing element and weapon combo look like

The three characters from Genshin Impact, Barbara, Mona and Kokomi, stand side by side in front of the underwater backdrop.

As for the character design, it would be interesting if the Hydro/Claymore character used a powerful but slow-moving Hydro attack that mimics a powerful cannon. This would be in stark contrast to many of the fluid, elegant Hydro characters, such as Genshin Shock 3.2 Nilah characters and introduces a new and unique niche for this element. For Cryo/Catalyst users, an off-field support character capable of dealing Cryo damage to allied attacks can be a great way to balance out their powerful Cryo applications.

While many fans are eagerly looking forward to the introduction of these weapon and element combinations into the game, it seems Genshin Shock No suitable designs were found for these combinations. besides, The Genshin effect The Sumeru region doesn’t seem to introduce many new NPCs, which means players may have to wait until the next area to get a combination of the two. However, until then, players will have to look forward to the launch of Kaveh Genshin Shock Version 3.6 of the latest weapon and elemental packs.

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