Genshin Impact: The Different Raiden Shoguns Explained

Genshin ShockThe version 2.0 update brings Inazuma, one of the seven countries of the Teyvat world. Along with this new area, Electric Archon Raiden Ei will officially launch in the game. Before Inazuma’s debut, the Electro Archon – and the Vision Hunt Decree – were hinted throughout the main story in the characters’ dialogue.

Inazuma is described as a stressful environment and tourists are warned thoroughly before visiting the area. Currently, Shogun Raiden rules the Lightning Islands: Narugami, Kannazuka, Yashiro, and Aoi. Watatsumi Island – Homeland of Genshin ShockKokomi water user – worships the snake god Orobashi, while Tsurumi Island remains deserted and uninhabited.

During Inazuma’s Archon Quest, the visitor discovers that the Vision Hunting Decree belongs to Fatui. Genshin Shock To create enough internal strife to sell their life-draining illusions. As the Vision Hunting Decree is officially disbanded, Travelers learn more about Raiden Ei and her past. At one point, Lightning was ruled by three different Raiden Shoguns: the puppet General Raiden, Raiden Ei, and Raiden Makoto.

Genshin Impact: Raiden Shogun, Electric Archon’s puppet

The Traveler meets the Raiden Shogun for the first time after the Pyro Thoma user possesses his Vision based on the Vision Hunting Decree. The Raiden Shogun attempted to attach Pyro Vision to the statue of the ubiquitous God, but the Traveler intervened and escaped safely with the help of Thoma and his Vision. This is also the first time the player sees a character from Raiden Shogun coming Genshin ShockElectro Archon, Raiden Ei, who meditates in the plane of Euthymia – a place similar to Raiden Ei’s realm of consciousness.

The Raiden Shogun next appears at the castle tower, and the Traveler and the Eighth Messenger Rasignora duel in front of her. As the victor, the Traveler’s life was temporarily spared, while Signora was executed alone by the Raiden Shogunate’s swordsman Musou. As soon as the Traveler steps out of the castle tower, Raiden Shogun reappears, and she tries to kill the Traveler because they are a threat to her concept of eternity. However, when the Traveler retaliated, Euthymia’s plane opened and dragged the Traveler inside.

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While Raidenying meditates on the plane of Euthymia, General Raiden takes her place as the ruler of Lightning. How to make shogunate puppets and Genshin ShockScaramouche, the Sixth Herald, she was the first prototype puppet released by Raiden after he decided that he was not suitable for the role. Unlike Scaramouche, the Shogun puppet is usually serious and serious, as she thinks and acts according to Raiden Ei’s wishes. This difference in personality – along with the lack of light in his eyes – is often the big factor that distinguishes a shogunate puppet from the real Raiden Sakae. At the end of Lightning’s main storyline, the Traveler discovers that Lightning has temporarily disabled most of the Shogun’s functions. This opens up the possibility of the Shogun claiming his own identity to be the same as Scaramouche’s, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Genshin Impact: Raiden Ei, Inazuma’s current Electric Archon

Genshin Impact Raiden Ei, Inazuma's current Electric Archon

from start to finish Genshin ShockDuring the Inazuma Archon Quest, visitors will sometimes interact with Raiden Ei instead of her puppet Raiden Shogun. When the Traveler first saw Raiden Ei in her Euthymia plane, they obstructed Thoma’s view. Raiden meditates before dueling the Travelers, before knocking them unconscious. Raiden Ei then shuts down Euthymia’s plane, allowing the Raiden Shogun to complete the mission.

Raiden reappears when the Traveler fights against the Raiden Shogun outside the castle tower. Euthymia’s plane opens and traps the Traveler inside, and Raiden Ei and the Traveler duel again. This time, the Traveler gets the power of Ambition stolen from the Vision bearer.

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dislike Genshin ShockArchon Anemo, Venti and the previous Geo Archon, Zhongli, Raiden Ei were not among the seven Archons that originally ruled Teyvat. Prior to becoming shogun, Raiden Sakae was a samurai, responsible for ensuring orders were successfully carried out. She acts as a surrogate for her twin sister, Makoto, who is actually Electro-Argent. When Makoto died in the Great Flood, Raiden Ei succeeded her as Shogun and operated under the same name as her twins: Raiden Shogun and Baal.

Raiden Ei’s eternal longing stems from the loss of Makoto and witnessing the fall of Khaenri’ah. She doesn’t want Lightning to suffer the same fate. For centuries, as the current Archon, Raiden meditated in the isolation on the plane of Euthymia. She is unaware of Fatui’s full intentions and interferes with the Vision Hunting Decree which destabilizes Inazuma. At Euthymia’s level, Genshin ShockYae Miko – who was commissioned by Raiden Sakae to Gnosis – convinces her to rethink her eternal vision and what it means to be a suitable ruler for the people of Lightning. This marks the end of the Vision Hunting Decree and the official return of Raiden Ei after centuries of solitary meditation.

Genshin Impact: Raiden Makoto, former Electric Archon of Inazuma

Genshin Impact Raiden Makoto, Inazuma's Past Electric Archon

Raiden Makoto – also known as Consul Baal – was Inazuma’s former consul before the cataclysm that claimed her life. Later, her twin sister Lei Dianrong succeeded to the throne. Before the Flood, Raiden Ying and Makoto won the Archon War together. Let Makoto become one of the seven Genshin Shock, Raiden Ei sacrificed her body so that her twin brother could ascend to Celestia. As the new Electro Archon, Makoto recreated Raiden Ei’s body. Since then, Lei Dianying has acted as Makoto’s replacement. The public does not know that there are two rulers. They complement each other very well, Lei Dianying is a fierce warrior, and Makoto is kind and gentle.

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Makoto has a deep love for Lightning. She loves the sights, the food and the people and all the stories they tell. Lei Dianying often heard Cheng recount this emotional story. Unlike Raiden Ying who always worries about the future, Makoto focuses on the present. This is known through details about the character Raiden Ei, through the Genshin Shock.

Makoto created a sword named Musou Isshin from his divine power. It serves as a symbol of peace, so the blade is never sharpened. Makoto wants the knife to testify to everything she loves about lightning. As Makoto was dying, she gave Musou Yixin to Raiden and solidified Raiden’s decision as the newest Raiden shogun to achieve a future that could last forever. With the ending of the main Lightning storyline, Genshin Shock Players will soon be able to see the new eternal meaning of Inazuma.

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