Genshin Impact Leaks: Alhaitham Abilities & Animations

Genshin Shock Announced that Alhaitham and Yaoyao will be the next characters to join the playable list. hitherto, Genshin Shock Aside from the visions, official artwork, and constellation names, very little information has been revealed about the characters, but many players have been curious about their abilities, skills, and animations. Fortunately, many leakers have worked hard to try to reveal this information, giving players a better idea of ​​what a character like Alhaitham will look like at launch.

exist The Genshin effect In the story, Alhaitham plays an important role in the Sumeru Archon quest, helping the Travelers deceive Akademiya and end their plan to elevate Scaramouche to Archon status. With a straightforward personality and extremely rational intellect, Genshin Shock 3.4’s Alhaitham is an excellent strategist and leader, although his lack of affection can put him in conflict with other characters. This is especially true of his roommate and banknote, Kaveh, with whom he frequently fights.

Leaked Genshin Impact: Alhaitham Skills and Abilities

Genshin Shock from Yuanshen Power Supply Recently shared all of Alhaitham’s abilities, including his elemental and explosive abilities, as well as his attack animations. As for his elemental skills, Alhaitham will teleport to a location causing all of his attacks to damage Dendro for a short period of time. On the other hand, his Elemental Burst will create a large field that deals damage with Dendro’s multiple slashes, making him essentially the Dendro version. Genshin Shock From Keqing. Finally, Alhaitham’s attacks seem to be quite quick and fluid, using a lot of swordsmanship and fancy moves in his usual combos.

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How will Alhaitham fit into the Genshin Impact team

Genshin Impact's Alhaitham and Port Ormos are in the background, while the Dendro energy revolves around him.

Based on all the information provided by the agency Genshin Shock According to the leak, Alhaitham looks set to take on the Dendro Main-DPS role in the team. His ability to damage Dendro with his basic attacks makes him ideal for teams focused on creating a Dendro Core with the character Hydrogen or amplifying and spreading reactions with the character. Electro. Alhaitham’s toolkit should work well on teams that use these Dendro reactions a lot, especially those that include Genshin Shock 3.2 Characters Nahida, Nilou, Cyno and Bennet to name a few.

And Genshin Shock With version 3.4 still far away, none of these vulnerabilities are fixed and are subject to change before patches are released. While the release of Alhaitham is exciting, leaked characters like Baizhu and Dehya are still on many players’ minds. However, with these leaked abilities, players will be able to decide if they want Alhaitham to participate. Genshin Shock Version 3.4 early next year.

source: Genshin Mains/Twitter

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