Genshin Impact: Best Team Comps For Dehya

Dehya group involvement Genshin Shock Depending on her role in the party, she can change a lot. Sumeru’s 5-star character has been added to developer HoYoverse’s version of RPG 3.5, giving players the chance to control her and her Pyro ability if they’re lucky enough to pull her into the system. time limit flag. She first appeared as an NPC in the Master Archon quest line in patch 3.0, as a mercenary hired to protect Dunyarzad.

She has been expected to be a playable character since her first appearance Genshin Shock. Dehya was later confirmed as playable by HoYoverse in January, before that Genshin ShockVersion 3.4 is even patched. She is now added to the game alongside 4-star hero Mika from Mondstadt in update 3.5 on March 1. With it, players will have to decide on the best team combination for Dehya in case they pull she.

Dehya can trigger some of the best elemental reactions in Genshin Impact

Pyro-Vision user Claymore is said to be best used as the team’s main DPS game. While Dehya is able to set up the AoE Pyro field, thus promoting the idea of ​​a minor DPS character, when she’s active in the field, she will unleash her full potential, triggering several best elemental reaction Genshin Shocksuch as overburden, melting or sprouting.

The best squad in Dehya, players should prioritize Burgeon team, it is very strong and can easily defeat strong opponents and enemy attacks.

The best Genshin Impact Sub-DPS by Team Dehya

Genshin Impact's Nahida sits on her elemental swing and stares ahead.

To Team Dehya focus on Burgeon response, game The player should pair her with Nahida. Sumeru’s Dendro Archon is both one of the best side DPS characters in the game and one of the best Dendro supporters. With her, the player can bond with enemies at close range and cause them to take damage from her Tri-Karma Cleansing ability each time an elemental reaction is activated.

Nahida is one of the best Genshin Shock The role of 2022 has many reasons, and this is one of them. She will also create a Dendro core for Dehya with her character Hydrogen to explode through the Burgeon reaction triggered by her Pyro ability.

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It’s important to note that Nahida is pretty good as well, as she can deal any damage with a high level of elemental proficiency, making her the absolute best off DPS in Dehya’s team mix. Genshin Shock.

If she’s not here, Yaoyao can take her place. The recently introduced characters can’t match Nahida’s high damage levels, but she’s very good at applying Dendro to her. Genshin Shock, which is important for the Burgeon-centric team. Additionally, she can provide extra healing to the team during challenging battles.

Best Genshin Impact Therapist from Team Dehya

Kokomi from Genshin Impact is on the battlefield with two Sangonomiya Resistance soldiers, one on each side.  The sky was overcast with a few raindrops and her signature bubbles floating around.

The best therapist in team Dehya Genshin Shock It was Miya Komi Sannomiya. The 5-star Hydro character from the Inazuma region is a reliable source of healing and the application of Hydro, which is indispensable in Burgeon’s parties.

With her, the player will activate Bloom and then Dendro Cores with the help of either Nahida or Yaoyao’s Dendro app. This is the main action that sets the stage for Dehya to activate the mighty and desirable Burgeon.

An obvious alternative is to use Barbara Genshin Shock Just in case Kokomi isn’t in Dehya’s squad. Not only is Barbara a good F2P (free to play) therapist, but she also keeps the Hydro app running for a long time, which is ideal when creating Dendro Core.

game Players should use Mona when they already have a healer on their team – for example, if Yao Yao is picked instead of Nashida, this might be the best choice to increase the team’s damage output and compensate for the attack power. Yao Yao’s poor performance.

Best Genshin Impact support from Dehya . team

Genshin Impact's Yun Jin poses with her flag and pole in the Jewel Room.

When it comes to support characters, playable heroes are focused on enhancing reaction or bringing empathy, gameSuggestion is to use Candace Genshin ShockCompensation for Dehya’s team. Sumeru’s 4-star character contributes to the additional Hydro and healing applications the party can obtain through Resonance.

However, her main role is to increase Dehya’s base attack power with Elemental Burst, Holy Ritual: Wagtail Tide. The downside is that this ability grants the active character an infusion of water, temporarily turning Dehya’s attacks into water attacks.

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Additionally, the player can use Brocade, which boosts the entire team’s base attack damage with the explosion of her Wall Breaking Banner. She is one of the best supports in the game and one of the most underrated 4 star characters in the game. Genshin Shock. Luckily, she’s the perfect match for Dehya’s group.

While she cannot apply Hydro and thus trigger the creation of Dendro Cores, she can provide a shield to the team, which is a bonus if the team’s healing isn’t particularly strong (like Yaoyao). ).

Dehya’s best free-to-play team in Genshin Impact

Rosaria points at her staff in Genshin Impact

Acquiring multiple 5-star characters is a difficult task, and many players choose the F2P option when building a team. To maintain Dehya’s Burgeon roster, players can use Yaoyao as a DPS support and secondary Dendro, Barbara as a primary healer, and Candace or Yun Jin as a support, which will configure an F2P team.

However, game Should replace team Burgeon with team Melt. Deja’s Abilities Genshin Shock Seeing her use her powerful Pyro technology, this can also be put to good use against enemies affected by Cryo-powered characters – all of whom are F2P heroes.

For Dehya’s team, let’s focus on melting reactions Genshin Shock, players should use Kaeya as secondary DPS. Characters from Mondstadt are a solid source for Cryo apps, dealing a decent amount of damage. Alternatively, they can use Chongyun, but beware of his cold infusion. Chongyun can also be a problem, as he is a different damage dealer with a wide sword, so it may be difficult for some F2P players to upgrade two good weapons of the same type for similar purposes.

Cryo Resonance increases Critical Attack Chance by 15% on enemies frozen or affected by Cryo, players can use Rosaria Genshin ShockIt’s also a useful role for Cryo apps through her Burst.

While she’s not great, players can also use Layla, which gives Dehya’s party a Cryo shield in addition to the usual Resonance. Of course, Diona and her shield are the best of the two alternatives to Rosaria.

The healer on Dehya’s team roster should be Bennett. Not only is he a great source of healing, but this brave hero provides a fire field that responds to the cries of other characters. Additionally, having Bennett join the team with Dehya will guarantee the team a 25% increase in ATK and a 40% reduction in the time they are affected by Cryo, thanks to Fire Resonance.

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Strangely, this is a group combination in which Genshin ShockThe controversial Bennett C6 could prove beneficial. Dehya has a lot of team options; the hard part will be growing her enough to make the most of her stats.

Source: GameWith, Genshin Impact/Twitter

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