Generate More Income with the Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering System

Tired of managing multiple branches in your restaurant at the same time?

Looking for a better solution to manage everything in one place?

Fortunately, now the solution is here, an online ordering system at many restaurants.

Multi restaurant online ordering system is an enhanced version of online ordering system that can support multiple restaurants under the same umbrella, with the main advantage of sharing menus and promotions.

Implementing an online ordering system in many restaurants can seem like a daunting process. But it is definitely worth it. More online food delivery services for your restaurant chain is an ongoing trend in the restaurant industry and is likely to be in the coming years.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire system of the food industry. The restrictions have had a dramatic effect on the global restaurant business. As the importance of social distancing has become essential, planning a group dinner or lunch with your teammates or friends is not as simple as we often do. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop all of your favorite daily habits. Here, the advancement of technology and advanced technological techniques help us to live a stable, trouble-free life.

As everyone said, every problem has a solution. The solution here is an online ordering system at many restaurants.

All you need is a dedicated website and an efficient mobile app; it will make the whole ordering process faster and smoother for your customers. A customer can decide on a location and order from your restaurant store list according to their convenience. An online ordering system for multiple restaurants can organize different processes in your restaurant at the same time and is very easy to use.

Why use an online ordering system at multiple restaurants?

By selecting and implementing an online food ordering system in select restaurants, you provide your loyal customers with a hassle-free online ordering and payment process. By having multiple dining outlets in different locations with the same promotions and special offers, your customers can satisfy their desires with the utmost convenience. So, with this out-of-the-box approach, you can attract more customers to your restaurant and thus increase sales.

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1. Real-time reporting and management tools

A super real-time dashboard will be provided to provide real-time data from A to Z in your restaurant. Multi-restaurant online ordering system will help provide customized reports for your entire food chain from order to delivery. The multi-restaurant food ordering system is simply the best thing money can buy. With all-new and enhanced management tools, you can easily configure yourself for any specific restaurant needs.

2. No more commissions

Do you know how Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat and Food Hub generate revenue? They charge 25-35% per order through their platform. Since you have an online ordering system of many restaurants, you do not need to pay any commission to any of these service providers.

3. Simplify various processes

When you start using online ordering systems at multiple restaurants, inventory management, food management, supplies, orders and invoices will be targeted and analyzed in a unique way. effective. So you have to worry about missing bills or the disorganized process you enjoyed in the old days. The easy-to-use software will allow you to organize everything perfectly.

How does the multi-restaurant online system work?

Just like any other online food delivery app like Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat, the multi-restaurant online food delivery app will allow you to list all your food outlets.

Without leaving home, your customers can easily fulfill their wishes by simply opening the restaurant’s app with the restaurant’s list of stores, selecting the nearest store and choosing their favorite dish. their likes to order.

As soon as an order is placed, the restaurant software will generate an immediate alert and the restaurant staff can start preparing the order. When the order is ready, the delivery staff will come to receive the order and deliver it to the right destination according to the address within the allowed time.

How to save money with an online system for ordering food at multiple restaurants?

There are many ways you can save money through multiple restaurant ordering systems. As I said earlier since you are not using third party platform providers here there is no need to pay any commission.

Delivery fee – most third-party service providers will invite delivery personnel to deliver and you must pay on their terms. But here you can choose your shipper and charge the order accordingly.

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Payment Gateway Fees – Since a lot of online orders are made through your online ordering platform due to your restaurant’s all-store listing, you can negotiate with the gateway companies pay the fees you need to pay for online payment.

How useful is an online multi-restaurant ordering system for your business?

1. Improve customer ordering experience

Customers are always looking for better and simpler navigation systems. Multi-restaurant online ordering system provides a simple and user-friendly platform for customers to place orders. So it provides a simple solution to fulfill their desire in just few clicks.

Your customers can easily order using your mobile app or even through your restaurant’s website whenever and wherever they want. With a list of locations and delivery time options, they can choose the most convenient and easy way. Implementing and using a comprehensive online ordering system for many restaurants will help grow your restaurant business by improving customer satisfaction, thereby boosting the purchase cycle.

2. Free and cheap marketing

Online ordering system provides a strong 24/7 online presence for your brand even without paying a dime. Without this advanced technology, you would have to spend more than twice as much as conventional marketing techniques like billboards and media advertising. Since the internet is a vast and free tool, you can only create a strong and relevant identity for your brand through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Facebook is the largest social network with about 2.27 billion active users and about

1.5 million daily active users. The same goes for Instagram. Imagine your brand reaching 2.27 billion people.

Sounds great, doesn’t it!

You can get all of this for a fraction of the usual advertising or marketing costs.

You can also spend your precious time building an effective business profile on Google My Business so people can easily find you when they want to order food at your location or delivery area your. Having a team of dedicated professionals who will help you post regularly on social media and engage with your clients, which will be a great investment to drive traffic and increase revenue for your home business. your goods.

3. Simplify Supply Chain Management

Catering providers often express reluctance to use multiple tools to track the status and review their orders through different channels. It is inconvenient and uncomfortable to operate. You can streamline the entire process by connecting your restaurant supply chain to a POS system.

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It helps to control different processes like inventory, delivery and others from one stage. It becomes more useful for chains and franchises that operate with multiple channels and suppliers. Conventional marketing methods and payment systems can only handle a limited number of tasks such as ticket sales, billing, and payments. But now you can streamline your entire business process from one system. Depending on your POS system, you will get a wide range of features depending on the price of the POS system. The cost range of a restaurant POS system is from $78 to $155 per month for the software.

For example, if you use food ingredients or raw materials from multiple suppliers, then you have reports that include costs, handling costs, etc. This will lead to a lot of confusion in the future with conventional marketing process methods. But with an upgraded online marketing system, you can organize everything perfectly without any human error. You can easily spot a handful of raw materials used in different stores.

4. Loyalty Program

Run creative promotions and offers, implement loyalty programs, offer discounts to your regular customers. You can set a time limit for each promotion and deliver it however you want. This is sure to have a dramatic impact on productivity and sales in all food outlets or specific locations. You can run multiple promotional campaigns at restaurants that are underperforming and selling well, so you will have a clear idea to organize occasional promotions at locations to sell better products and attract more new customers.

With all the benefits that multi-restaurant online ordering systems have to offer, this seems like a great feature to include in your restaurant business.

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