Gene Chizik Net Worth & Salary: How Rich Is He? Fired From UNC

Gene Chizik, the recently sacked University of North Carolina Assistant Head Coach, has a net worth in the millions. His massive net worth is mostly due to his illustrious career as a collegiate football coach. Chizik has a solid reputation as one of the most sought-after college football coaches and coordinators. Fans adore the coach’s rigorous, hardworking, and quirky nature, which has made him one of the sport’s most famous faces. Gene Chizik was born on December 28, 1961, in Florida, United States. He was a standout athlete in college, playing linebacker at the University of Florida.

Academically, he earned a bachelor’s degree in teaching from the University of Florida in 1986 and a master’s degree in guidance and counseling from Clemson University in 1991. In addition, he started his coaching career as the defensive coordinator and linebacker coach at Seminole High School.

He coached at Stephen F. Austin State University for most of the 1990s. He was recruited by renowned institutions like Auburn and Texas after showing promise at lesser schools. His major break came in 2007 when he became the first head coach at Iowa State. The pinnacle of his career was undoubtedly winning the national title as head coach of Auburn in 2010. Chizik most recently worked as UNC’s associate head coach. With almost four decades of coaching expertise, he has become a household name in college football.

Gene Chizik Net Worth 2024

Gene Chizik’s net worth is expected to be in the $4 million to $5 million range in 2024. His lengthy and successful career as a college football coach accounts for a major portion of his worth. Chizik’s first major contract came in 2007 as the head coach at Iowa State, which was a six-year, $6.75 million agreement. With incentives and other perks, the total might exceed $10 million.

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In 2009, he earned a salary of $2 million as the head coach at Auburn. In 2012, this figure increased to $3.5 million. Chizik was earning roughly $4 million to $5 million in incentives a decade ago. He then accepted a wage decrease to join UNC. He made less than $300,000 in base pay in 2015. However, with just minor adjustments, the sum grew to more than $1 million by 2022.

So, right before he was sacked from UNC, his pay was $1.03 million, plus a little under $200,000 in incentives. Gene works in sports media for ESPN and Sirius Satellite Radio in addition to teaching. This has increased his net worth even further. Despite receiving lower income at UNC over the last decade, lucrative contracts at Auburn and Iowa State have increased his net worth to $5 million.

Chizik Fired From UNC

As previously stated, UNC recently relieved Gene Chizik of his responsibilities as an assistant head coach for their football department. Football fans, on the other hand, are unsurprised by the news. Chizik struggled throughout his second tenure at North Carolina during the last two seasons. The UNC defense was ranked 95th nationally in 2023 and 116th nationally in 2022.

Gene Chizik

This poor defensive performance led to the team’s late-season troubles in both years. Chizik stated his discharge, stating that his time at UNC would be remembered fondly. Furthermore, he added that his relationships with UNC higher-ups are still cordial and that he knows the decision is purely business-related.

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