Gary Owen Stated That The Relationship With His Children Fell Off After The Divorce

Gary Owen, an American comedian, has said that he is estranged from his family members. On The Breakfast Club podcast on August 23, the 48-year-old singer stated that he hasn’t talked to his children in a year due to his divorce from Kenya Duke.

The comedian went on to say:

“I’ve completed every task. I went to Greensborough since my daughter attends A&T, knocked on her door, and she didn’t respond. I attempted to meet her at the airport. I’ve been banned on social media. I’ve tried every available channel to contact my daughter. When I reach out, I’m blocked.”

Owen also said that his children learned of his divorce via news sources and social media rather than their parents:

“We didn’t inform the children. We were going to wait and do it jointly, but they found out via TMZ.”

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Owen has chosen to break his silence on the incident a year later in order for his children to hear his side of the tale. He said on the podcast:

“Everyone kept asking me to explain my side of the story. And, to be honest, it’s an extra effort for my kids to hear it.”

Gary Owen’s wife filed for divorce in 2011.

Gary Owen and Kenya Duke married in 2003. Emilio, Kennedy, and Austin are their three children. Emilio, their oldest child, is the biological son of Duke and Emilio Toliver Senior. Owen and Duke’s biological children are Kennedy and Austin, ages 21 and 20, respectively. Duke filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court, California, in March 2021, after 18 years of marriage owing to irreconcilable differences.

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People Magazine stated in June of that year that Duke had requested $44,000 per month in spousal support from Owen after leaving her “promising profession as an account manager” for the comedian.

Duke asserted further at the time, saying:

“I am seeking that Gary is ordered to continue paying the monthly installments of $44,000 as that has been our status quo for nearly four (4) years,” as well as an $88,000 lump sum payment for the past two months he has neglected to supply me with monies.

The podcaster and businesswoman, on the other hand, did not hold back from spilling the beans about her marriage on social media. Duke accused Gary Owen of having adulterous relationships throughout their marriage and hiding cash from the family in a now-deleted Instagram post. According to Hot New Whip Whop, Kenya Duke tagged the comedian in a lengthy post in which she asked him to “stop lying about paying the mortgage,” which she allegedly paid.

She went on to say:

“Those squatters you’re talking about don’t live here. We just have one problem: a lying narcissist who no longer lives here. I’m over here doing my thing. We won’t annoy you for no reason. You go too far. “At 48 years old, you are the father you so brutally criticize stage, about how bad he was to you when he was in his twenties.”

Gary Owen, who appeared on the Wendy Williams Show in June 2021, also broke his silence on Kenya’s charges. He added that his lawyer had requested him not to speak at the moment, but there seems to be a “major twist” in his divorce from Duke.

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“It’s a doozy, but I can’t say anything about it now — but it’s huge.” It altered the whole complexion of the divorce.”

Gary Owen

Gary Owen also disputed media claims that he has not met with his children, noting that they are all adults and that “it’s very unusual when you have adult children to not see them for a couple of months.” He clarified the situation by saying:

“When the news broke, my daughter was at college.” She’s staying with Kenya and working. I’m on my way. We’re texting and chatting.”

Gary Owen also said that he is not a “deadbeat parent,” as Kenya Duke referred to him after accusing him of adultery.

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