Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited money, cards) 2.9.35

The universe has always been one of the unsolved mysteries of scientists. And no matter how advanced the development. Perhaps after a while, it will be possible to reveal something more about the vastness of the universe. So until scientists discovered a lot. We can experience many people’s views and perceptions of the universe through various games based on themes. Typically, Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter. A game set in a futuristic universe.

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter at first glance will feel quite familiar to many people. Instead, it is inspired by the legendary chicken shooter series Chicken Invaders from the previous decade. The familiar chicken image is now represented by the battleship of the familiar gameplay. Little or no instruction is required to play. But for those who have not tried these games. I’ll go into more detail if you’re interested. The action scenes are always well utilized, Final Destiny, Exile Survival is worth playing.

Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter mod – shoot chicken differently

In uncertain times in the future. That is, the in-game timeline. As human technology advances to new heights. At this point, space-time travel is no longer an impossibility. Humans have discovered many interesting things in this vast universe. And with it new dangers await humanity. An alien species from another dimension intends to invade the galaxy – Earth’s habitat. threaten human existence. As an elite fighter pilot, you begin your journey to protect humanity from the forces of darkness.

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The gameplay in Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter is very similar to other monster ship shooting games. Usually, the above Chicken Invaders are too famous. Players will control a battleship with one finger. Face the enemy’s attack. Use your finger to move the spaceship, dodge enemy shells and fire to destroy every enemy. Fight giant bosses and many other powers. During battle, the technology of the spaceship can be upgraded to make it easier to deal with the enemy.

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Enemies are varied and unpredictable

The guy we’re dealing with is a special species from another parallel dimension. Possessing numbers and intelligence that cannot be underestimated. For solo players, this is a tough challenge. Although outnumbered, we have the advantage of being equipped and upgraded with modern weapons. Large amount of enemy compensation, divided into several levels. With increased power, all of these can kill you with a single shot. However, they also have a unique team arrangement. Can make players confused and distracted if not careful. They are an integral part of the game.

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Fighters worth upgrading

Certainly not an easy task for one to deal with such a ferocious monster. Your pilots and fighters will be equipped with many of the essentials to survive in combat. These include upgrade cards for pilots, weapon systems, and spacecraft engines. Upgrade them all with the money earned through each level. Try to survive and fight against dense enemies.

many events are often interesting

The most basic mode is the story mode. 150 levels with increasing difficulty, allowing you to challenge yourself. Most of them are pretty simple, so you have a lot of engines and weapons. Become stronger in the next battle. Also, if you pass more than 40 levels, you can move on to more difficult levels. Add a free mode, like an endless running game. Play until you lose a new life, because the number of levels is limitless. There are also game modes based on annual events such as Halloween, Christmas … appear at the right time of the event, allowing you to freely explore and experience.

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Free Galactic Invaders

Meet real players

Although there are many activities, they are all offline activities. If you want to experience the online mode, you can check out PvP. Where you will trade with real players. However, you will not be fighting each other. Instead, it will compete with enemies. Whoever sacrifices first, and who dies quickly, is the loser. In addition to being paraded, winners can also be named on the major competitive leaderboards.

Galactic invader mode

Are you passionate about space science topics? Want to become a space explorer yourself, explore places and destroy enemies? Then let Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter help you. Brand new and attractive universe theme. You will be the hero who saves humanity from the ravages of unknown hostile forces. Download the Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter mod now to shoot down the invaders and protect the planet.

Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited money, cards) for Android

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