Funny footage. The talkative parrot has something very important to say – he’s too good

A hilariously adorable cockatoo just learned its own catchphrase – and it’s so cute it’s taking the internet by storm.

In a YouTube video, Lolo, a Moluccan parakeet, can be seen dancing and imitating her caretaker.

Lolo, who was a pretty pale pink, opened her mouth and exclaimed, “Whaaaaat’s uuuuupp.”

The cockatoo speaks so clearly that its caretakers laugh at its human expression. Lolo is actually a lifeguard, living at an exotic bird sanctuary in Tennessee.

While these animals can be funny and amazingly intelligent, these are traits that some owners just can’t deal with.

The sanctuary’s Kim Hannah, who posted the video, reminds those wanting to bring one of these amazing birds into their home to always adopt them first.

And we have to say that Lolo and his catchphrase are a great case for adoption! But don’t waste any more time: check out the funny video below

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