Fortnite: Where To Find Evil Dead’s Ash Williams

fortress No Fortnite Season of Ghosts event would be complete without some crossovers, and fortunately Epic is offering one of the game’s weirdest crossovers: Ash Williams evil death.Now a cult classic, first evil death The film tells the story of five college students who accidentally release many demons after reading passages from the Sumerian Book of the Dead. Regarded as one of the bloodiest and scariest horror movies ever made evil death It seems like an odd fit for a battle royale experience that’s primarily geared towards kids. However, for the elderly, hunting for Easter eggs is more than just fun fortress Players are already familiar with the series’ infamous bloody mayhem. Gray and evil death be part of a fortress missions, which include following him at the franchise’s iconic cabin in the woods to see what he has to offer and earn valuables fortress XP Battle.

Nimareth Fort, fortress The traditional annual Halloween event will return in 2022. This time, players are invited to complete “Fortress Night” special missions to receive exclusive cosmetics and Battle Pass XP, transforming themselves into wolves and Play special non-construction tribe charge mode with friends to celebrate Halloween. Last year’s Fortnite event highlights evil resident The main characters Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine appear as part of the make-up set at fortress Item Shop.Ash has been the focus of attention this year, appearing on fortress Islands are included as NPCs and as skins in evil death– Themed cosmetic packs in the item shop.

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In addition to doing other Fortnitemares 2022 quests, players can also tackle two challenges at once by visiting Ash in Knowby’s Cabin. However, even though fortress bear evil death It’s obviously less gore and violent than the movie, for obvious reasons, and players who choose to visit the cabin will still likely experience a sense of dread or two when trying to complete the mission.

Ashe Williams’ position in Fortnite from Evil Dead

Fortnite Fortnitemares 2022 Evil Dead Ash Williams Knowby Cabin Map Location

Ash Williams can be found as an NPC in the House of Secrets, appearing in the forest fortress The island west of Reality Falls. The specific location has been marked on the map above, making it easy for players to find. However, landing in the cabin can be difficult because many fortress Despite the presence of Fortnite zombies near the hut, players seem eager to get there. The actual tree nearby is also now a popular landing spot thanks to Fortnite’s special Altar of Change.

While visiting the hut, players can interact with Ash to purchase a special Legendary quality lever action pistol for 400 gold bars to complete one of this year’s Fortnite missions. Completing this quest earns over 15,000 Battle Pass XP, as the pistols sold by Ash have a decent amount of firepower and are a valuable addition to the player’s arsenal.

Once the player has armed themselves (and hopefully heeded Ash’s warning about the vault), they should head out. Another Fortnite mission that requires the player to deal 50 damage with a shotgun near Knowby’s hut, and the Fortnite zombies that spawn in the nearby forest do not equal evil death dead particles. This way, players can earn an extra 15,000 XP Battle Pass and get closer to unlocking Spider-Gwen fortress.

  • fortnite poster fortress Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, iOS Release time: July 21, 2017 Developer: Epic Games Publisher: Epic Games, Warner Bros. Genre: Action, War ESRB: BILLION How long to beat: 64 hours
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