Fortnite: How to Complete Every Herald Quest

Fortnite’s Herald is entering the game’s crowded halls of free outfits for players to unlock and then equip through the game. Players can, right now, go and complete the free mid-season ‘The Herald’ quests available in the game. Completing these quests will reward the player with new tools and a host of new cosmetics that turn them into the titular Herald, a hostile NPC that they first fought early in the season.

While Fortnite’s Skywalker week is right around the corner, players will be looking for something to do right now, and going after cosmetics is always rewarding. But a lot of things cost money, and free stuff has a special appeal. Luckily, Epic Games always gives something to their players. According to Epic Games’s news update, there are two Pages of The Herald quests, with four quests on the first Page and five on the second. In order to unlock the Second Page, the first page will need to be completed. With each quest’s rewards themed around the herald, it’s a good opportunity for players looking to get new cosmetics and rewards without buying Fortnite’s Chapter 3: Season 4 Battle Pass.

How To Complete The Herald Quests

Page 1 of The Herald in Fortnite has four quests and rewards the player with The Herald Outfit when three of them are completed.

  • Ignite 50 structures: unlocks the Epitaph Edge Pickaxe.
  • Eliminate 10 opponents: unlocks The Herald’s Leer Spray.
  • Do 500 damage to opponents while Chrome-ified: unlocks the Herald Banner Icon
  • Tame 2 Chrome-ified wildlife creatures: unlocks the Fading Ember Cloak Back Bling.
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Page 2 contains five quests for Fortnite players to complete.

  • Destroy 50 objects with the explosive goo gun: unlocks the Reality’s Master Emote.
  • Get Chrome-ified while driving: unlocks the Chrome-gradulations Emoticon.
  • Talk with 3 characters and deliver The Herald’s warning: unlocks the Nothing is Happening Loading Screen.
  • Eliminate 2 opponents at airborne locations: unlocks the Heraldic Wrap.
  • Land at The Herald’s Sanctum (a good Fornite Season 4 landing spot) and place top 10 in the match: unlocks The Herald Outfit’s Burning Ember Style.

Some of these are very straightforward quests. The main game objective is eliminating other players and can be done on any of the blimps flying around the map. The explosive goo gun is regular loot so just keep opening chests to find it. NPC characters are scattered around the map for the player to deliver the warning dialogue to, and – despite what some may say – hiding until there are less than 10 players left in the game is a legitimate strategy. The other quests are a bit more involved, however.

First, setting buildings on fire isn’t too difficult, as the player just needs to go into the forests, find some of Fortnite’s fireflies, and use them to as incendiary grenades on a bunch of buildings. Simple fire and forget weapons the player doesn’t need to worry about.

Next, for all the Chrome-related quests, the player should go to a part of the map that has been Chrome-ified and then wack away at chrome objects with their pickaxe. They’ll get a bunch of Chrome Splashes as loot, which are throwable items that, as could be guessed, Chrome-ify everything in an area of effect. Throw them at the vehicle while leaning out the window, throw them at the player’s feet, and then shoot enemies, throw them at nearby wildlife and use the in-game mechanics to tame Fornite’s animals.

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