Forest Golf Planner MOD APK (Unlimited money, points) 1.2.5

Forest Golf Planner will guide you through the vast golf course. This will be the place where you implement your unique business idea. Attracting lovers of this sport to the experience. Create the best service for them and let them have fun while playing. Big money will be a worthy reward for your efforts. Elevate sport with elegance and glamor. Build everything from scratch with endless horizons.

Forest Golf Planner is a free game developed by Kairosoft. Overall, this is a really great game with extremely classic pixel graphics. However, this way of building the game is not outdated and still retains its essence. The idle element will facilitate you at the start of the game. No stress, no blemishes, just relax and do what you want. Freedom to create and grow, to succeed on your own path. If you dare, start working on big goals now.

Download Forest Golf Planner mod – World’s Leading Golf Business

Golf is a sport with a long history and is still developing day by day according to modern trends. Realizing this important vision, you decide to invest in a big project. A large forest is the perfect place to start your plans. The golf course system has been completed. You just need to develop your service. Set up a service counter, host your first customers, and invite them to try it out. When the customer is done playing, they will pay you for the time they have played. From there, you’ll have more money to expand the operations you currently control. Let more customers come and get praise for the service.

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Forest Golf Planner mod for free

build and customize

To enrich your jungle golf course, you need to know how to create characters. Players will do this by building more gadgets around themselves. Build a miniature golf course and bring new challenges to your customers. Set up stalls selling water and food to serve those in need. Use the money you earn to buy decorations around the play area – for example, a cherry tree, a mountain and a lake with a bridge. Feel free to create golf courses with the most unique style in the world. People will love what you do and feel confident doing what it takes.

Forest Golf Planner mod pack

fill the club

Your club needs to have more members to become more developed. To attract new members, you need to upgrade them to higher. So club members have more living space. Set up a food and beverage stand and sell must-have golf equipment. Club members love this place even more as they have everything they need. Refer others from there so they can come to your golf course. There will be no less income from the sale of items. It allows you to scale up your golf course.

Forest Golf Planner mod APK for free

hold contests

The International Golf Federation regularly organizes major tournaments. To be organized, it also needed a venue with all the necessary conditions. Your golf course will be selected to achieve the desired tournament level. All famous players in the world will begin to participate in such competitions. Compete for the championship and create achievements for your career. This will also help your golf course become more and more known. Many people know and trust them in their spare time. Efforts to further improve quality, meet set standards.

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forest golf plan android mod

meet all needs

When customers come to your golf course, they generate a lot of information. This could be feelings or information about their needs. For example, they need a place to rest after playing a few rounds. Maybe you need a cooler water bottle to recharge and keep playing. You need to listen to people and keep improving your services. Only in this way can the golf course develop rapidly. Don’t let your customers down with the quality of your facilities in the Forest Golf Planner mod.

Download Forest Golf Planner MOD APK for Android (Unlimited money, points)

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