Flying kites exist and are a real miracle of nature

Let’s continue the journey to a magical world with animals from this magical world.

For centuries and millennia, we humans have always been afraid of any mythical creature, especially dragons. No one gets tired of hearing stories and legends about these amazing creatures.

Although we hear about these creatures in myths and legends, nature has found a way and surprised us with a type of lizard that is very similar to the mythical and magnificent creatures we are familiar with. called dragon.

This species, genus Draco, also known as the “flying dragon” belongs to the lizard family Agamidae and is mainly found in trees in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia.

1. These creatures have membranes on both sides of their bodies and are up to 8-10 inches long. This trunk helps these flying kites glide from tree to tree and they can reach heights of up to 60 meters.

2. They have an insect-based diet, and tree ants are one of their unique foods.

3. These creatures only descend from the treetops when they need to spawn. During courtship, males use their folded membranes to attract their mates.

4. After the courting is over, the female makes a small hole in the ground, lays 4-5 eggs and covers it with soil and leaves. After 24 hours guarding the eggs, she left them and returned to the treetops.

5. Even these lizards have many different species, so there are different characteristics and colors. Each species has some peculiarities that make them unique in their own way.

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6. As part of nature’s greatest beauty, these flying kites look like they came out of a magical fairy tale.

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