Five cursed books you should read at your own risk

Perhaps the scariest thing about walking into a bookstore these days seems to be how empty it is, with many choosing to clean their Kindles as the shelves of old and rare books gather with dust. But that’s nothing compared to the haunted books that have haunted us for centuries. While novels are supposed to bring wisdom and wonder, there are few books in the world that are so cursed that one turn of the page leaves you with years of bad luck and unhappiness.

From haunted Japanese poetry and witch spell books to a deadly novel that kills anyone who dares edit its pages, the world of literature has a dark side you never imagined. Read our five most cursed books read at your own risk.

The story of an orphan

It can take some time for an author to achieve great success, even in the beginning. Harry Potter the manuscript was rejected 12 times, but 400 years is certainly a new record. It was written at the beginning of the 17th century by Martín de León Cárdenas, The story of an orphan is a Golden Age novel about a 14-year-old Spaniard who travels to America in search of happiness. Although it may sound like your typical feel-good adventure story, a great darkness lurks within its pages, which is why the novel was not published until 2018.

Belinda Palacios, a Peruvian academic who edited the book for two years, says several people warned her about The story of an orphan. They told him the book was cursed and took so long to be published because everyone who worked on it would die in mysterious ways. Although he laughed at first, investigation revealed that those who had previously edited the book had died in horrific car accidents or from strange diseases. Didn’t the powerful want ancient writing to appear in the world? Palacios is still alive and well two years after the book’s release… so I hope the curse is gone.

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nameless grimoires

You’d think people would have seen enough scary movies to know never to mess with a witch’s spell book…but apparently not. nameless grimoires is a set of two handwritten, spiral-bound spellbooks, sold by an online retailer in 2013 for nearly $14,000. The books were handwritten in the 1960s by Persephone Adrastea Eirene, a Wiccan high priestess who reportedly ran her own coven. The 250 pages are filled with fables, amulets, incantations, and details on how to summon spirits and demons.

However, there is a serious catch. The seller warned buyers that any disbeliever tampering with the books would incur a deadly curse, while Persephone herself expressly tells readers on the first page that continuing with the book would have dire consequences. She wrote: ‘Those who are not of the trade, reading this book is prohibited! Go no further or justice will exact swift and terrible retribution, and you will surely suffer at the hands of the witch.’ Since the absolute best way to get someone to do something stupid is to tell them it’s not allowed, we really hope the buyers of this damn book made the right choice.

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Sacred Magic Book of Abramelin the Magician

Most parents gift their children with toys or a new phone, but Abramelin gifted his son with a book full of mythical curses. And works. Since its English translation in 1900, this 15th-century novel has been said to be cursed. There are several theories as to why, but most believe it has to do with wizards’ belief that everyone has their own unique personal demon.

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Throughout the book, he gives instructions for rituals and supernatural feats to control his demons. Any paranormal enthusiast knows that approaching and communicating with the spirit world is risky, so it’s no surprise that readers of this book have reported bad luck and otherworldly ghost apparitions.

the great grimoire

When a book gets the nickname “Gospel of Satan,” you might want to think twice before opening it. Said to have been written by a man possessed by the devil, this 16th century book is known as one of the scariest occult books out there. It contains dark knowledge and instructions on how to summon demons and raise spirits from the dead. That last part may sound appealing to those grieving or experiencing loss, but the dark reputation of this book makes it one of the scariest medieval manuscripts of all time.

Since even opening a book is considered equivalent to selling one’s soul to the devil, it’s a good thing. the great grimoire not available for purchase. The original copy is said to be currently in the Vatican Secret Archives and is currently not available to the public.

The Voynich Manuscript

There’s nothing scarier than the unknown, and here’s why The Voynich Manuscript It has become one of the most mysterious and terrifying books of all time. Written in the 15th century, the 240 pages are written in an indecipherable language that has frustrated and cursed people for years. Although countless historians and researchers have tried to crack the code, no one has succeeded.

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Was it written by people from another country? Unknown species? Extraterrestrial life? No one knows… but it has long been speculated that a fatal curse will be unleashed on anyone who finally unlocks this terrifying language.

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