Final Fantasy XIV: How To Get The False Shaded (& Classic) Spectacles

Imitation Sunglasses and Imitation Vintage Glasses are two new fashion accessories final fantasy 14Patch 6.1 of , gives explorers more Glamor glasses. False Shaded Spectacles sunglasses come in a half-rim style with a beautiful laser-cut design on both lenses. The shade has a thick and sleek golden top with stylish bridge sections.

Instead, the fake vintage glasses are almost the complete opposite of the glamorous colors final fantasy 14, showing a docile and diligent face when worn. The lenses have a bold black frame with a slightly curved front edge. Depending on the wearer’s fashion or even the appearance of the avatar, Fake Vintage Glasses have the ability to give the user a cute and almost youthful appearance. Additionally, these lenses work well with Glamor sets such as the school-style Collegiate Attire.

The methods of getting fake sunglasses and fake vintage glasses are completely different. First, you can earn the key bonus of Fake Shaded Glass by participating in the current PvP season (known as the Malmstones Series). On the other hand, fake vintage glasses are much harder to unlock. They are random drops from one’s FC underwater ride.

Unlock fake shadows and vintage glasses in FFXIV

Get fake sunglasses final fantasy 14Warriors of Light must register for PvP in Eorzea by completing the quest Great Company level 30,”no longer a puppy. “From here, they can unlock the latest update to Crystal Conflict to get PvP-related XP. This XP increases a person’s series rank in the Malmstones series in their PvP profile. Each bonus tier rewards PvP participants with loot crystals, which can be exchanged for rare items in the Wolf’s Cave.However, adventurers will receive a unique item every 5 levels. When they reach level 15 in the series, they will receive fake glossy glasses final fantasy 14.

The Classic Fake Glass is a rare drop from Liberty Company’s Level 90 Underwater Voyage. The campaign works similarly to Retainer Ventures, except that the entire process is not an individual participant but a company-wide effort. To undertake these deep sea expeditions, the player must build a submarine and gradually upgrade it to level 90. final fantasy 14Also, the boat itself requires a “Survey Rating” of around 220 to get the fake Vintage Glasses as a potential loot at the dive site. For those who have not yet begun their underwater journey, the whole process can be difficult and time consuming. So it may be more convenient and possibly cheaper to buy lenses on the market for millions of gils.

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final fantasy 14 Available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam or the official Square Enix website.

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