Fate/Grand Order MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense Multiple/Max NP) 2.69.6

APK information of Fate/Grand Order MOD

English version

  • Menu/Damage, Defense Factor/Max. NP

Japanese version

  • Always on player’s turn (enemies never move) [Must be enabled before the battle starts. Can be enabled/disabled by restarting]
  • Accumulate maximum NP (take damage, use accumulated skills, advance round, deal damage, start battle with NP accumulation)
  • Enemies are always sealed, while allies that cannot be sealed have NP . trait
  • Hit always lands like a crit [Enemies also get benefitted]
  • regime god
  • Attack Factor x0-x300
  • Defense factor x0-100

What if our history was maliciously vandalized and altered? This is definitely an unforeseeable disaster for humanity. To prevent this, join the warriors of Fate/Grand Order. Fight summoned monsters and wreak havoc everywhere. Stop the impending disaster that threatens innocent people. Become a respected hero in world history.

The Fate anime series is known for its storytelling success. Especially the Fate/Grand Order version with strong personality characters. To please fans, the game of the same name was born with strong appeal – a combination of turn-based strategy game and the story of the original movie. Immerse yourself in a historical fantasy world where famous events took place.

Download the mod Fate/Grand Order – Fight the darkness and keep the world at peace

Human history is fading away without decisive events. Someone must have created this through time travel. Unable to stand by and watch the world grow more and more unbalanced, the heroes set out. Work together to fight against the forces of evil and restore their original order. This may not seem easy, but with your command, it is certainly possible. Create a powerful battle team to crush all the enemies that stand in your way. Use your ultimate skills to wipe out all the evil in front of you. Fight methodically and strategically to be more effective.

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It helps if you consider the healers and armor healers in your team. These people have the ability to help the squad withstand strong attacks. Maintain your stamina to increase your chances of winning. Do not arrange the squad in an unscientific way that does not work.

Fate Grand Order Mod Free

have many roles

The main character is the factor that determines the outcome of this war. The strongest warrior in the anime Fate/Grand Order appears here. You can choose any hero you like from the movie. Each character has their own amazing abilities that only they have. Create diversity in the world of Fate/Grand Order and give you a multitude of squad customizations. Combining different fighters will create many unique formations. Depending on how you play, you can change this to suit your needs. Create a unique hero collection filled with the coolest characters.

Fate Grand Order Mod Download


When it comes to the story of the original film, of course there is nothing to criticize. The game’s story is another angle in the hero’s journey. The adventure has now been modified to match the level of play. Story-driven combat opens up different parts of the fight. Fight in countries and locations where legends are made. Defeat countless enemies and ferocious monsters with evil plots. Not only that, every time you complete a level, you also receive valuable rewards. Complete all the missions to learn about the unexpected ending of this war.

big fate order mod apk

scary final boss

If you defeat the minions, then you have to meet the final boss. It’s the one who controls things or their fearsome weapon. To be able to deal with such things, cultivate yourself perfectly. Upgrade your character by consuming resources to become stronger. Important warriors will be at the forefront of your power building. When you feel strong enough to defeat the boss, start the fight immediately. Throw all the strongest attacks to weaken and defeat them. Do not be subjective in any case or you may fail.

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Fate Grand Order mod apk for free

exclusive voice

You must know that each character has joined the exclusive voice of the voice actor. It was these people who created the images of the characters in the anime. This is one of the great benefits of Fate/Grand Order for Fate lovers. Now every time you join a battle, you get a sense of immersion. Listen to the character convey the message and talk to you. The Fate/Grand Order mod is an attractive option for anime fans and those who like strategy games. Give it some time and you will find that it brings something new to your life.

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