Family Guy: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Lois As A Character

season 21 boy’s family Back with more hilarious parodies, there’s never been a better time to congratulate Lois Griffin, especially Clarice Starling, whose brave personality is the perfect match for the brave FBI agent. The Silence of the LambsOften the outspoken daughter of a pack of jokers, Louise holds the Griffin family together through determination, compassion, and courage.

Trash husband and nagging wife have been stuck ever since honeymoon and before animation boy’s family And The Simpsons, but unlike the two examples above, Lois is very independent and doesn’t listen to her family’s nonsense. She’s not always perfect and could be a little kinder to Meg, but these memes sum up what makes Lois a unique addition to the moms-on-TV landscape.

Lois has to endure Peter’s pettiness

There are many similarities between Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson, one of the most similar being that they often quarrel with their wives over petty things. For some reason, they feel that their wives should let them do stupid and dangerous things without pointing it out.

The meme, which mocks Lois’ pronunciation of “Petah” in New England, perfectly captures Lois’s attempt at communication and Peter’s immature response after the two argue. Lois has to live with Peter’s childish reaction to the argument, and then the inevitable apology, when she’s proven right about what she’s mad at Peter for. If he had only listened to Lois, he wouldn’t have struggled to find out.

Lois wash dishes to relieve stress

Living in a Griffin’s home isn’t easy, especially making sure everyone eats healthy meals, spends quality time together, and takes care of their personal space. Although Lois seems to be cleaning all the time, activities like washing dishes serve two purposes.

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Unsurprisingly, as this meme suggests, if Lois can’t do the dishes anymore, she becomes hostile; it became a way for her to relieve pressure and distract herself. It would be nice if she had more time to take care of herself, but she will do whatever she can to find it, even if that means meditating at the sink.

Lois has her own style

Like Marge’s big blue beehives, Lois has her own signature hairstyle. Her bright orange bob is an unhurried style that still looks great even when she’s busy with her family life, right over her shoulders and it’s become part of her personality, like like Meg in a pink hat of the same color.

Sometimes she wears makeup and looks sexier, but longer hairstyles are always temporary. Here, Kris Jenner can be seen wearing glamorous makeup to look like Lois, highlighting her timeless aesthetic.

louis has a wild side

Between taking care of her children, dog, and husband, Lois often loses her identity. It’s easy for her to get bogged down in endless cleaning, grocery shopping and bills, and neglecting the things that bring her personal happiness. Luckily, she has a wild side that she shows off from time to time.

Lois’ discontinued episodes often involve her putting her own needs above the needs of her family. This meme refers to a memorable moment when Lois dressed up as a ruler and gave herself some self-respect.

Lois joins the family, leaving Meg out

Lois has many good qualities, but raising her daughter’s self-esteem is not one of them. She makes her daughter feel ostracized with Peter, Chris, and the rest of the family, with just a few glimpses of the mother-daughter bond.

This only adds to Megan’s depression and anxiety, prompting her to act in every way to get her parents’ attention, for better or worse. boy’s familyalthough it would have helped Meg if her mother hadn’t been involved, part of the humor would have been lost.

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Louis likes alcohol

one boy’s family Another gossip is Lois’ love for wine. Lois has a drink to feel more like herself, relieve stress or simply relax after a long day. She doesn’t always have it as most people see fit, which leads to awkward situations with her family.

The show uses humor to tackle an issue that affects many people, some of whom are fans, who can identify with what Lois goes through on a daily basis. Making her part of the “wine mom” culture has its funny moments, but it’s also poignant and shows her toxic side when it comes to being too indulgent at times.

Lois is an outsider

Even the best animated sitcom characters of all time don’t always turn into live action movies, but everyone boy’s family, Lois probably looks the most “normal” because of the proportions of the strokes and the way her hair is styled. Most cartoons exaggerate the characters’ features to make them more expressive, but Louise’s face has a wonderful balance.

Lois is considered very beautiful and according to his friends, people like Peter are very popular. Even Brian has a crush on Lois, but he can never betray Peter by running away with her (though he’s thought about it many times). She appears as a “neighborhood girl” with a mischievous side that most men in Quahog find very attractive.

Lois is very observant

Aside from Brian and Stewie, Lois is the smartest member of the family, often using her keen observation skills to determine things like whether Meg has a son in the room or Brian is secretly smoking. She would even conduct experiments, like she was trying to determine who was sworn in in the house.

After waxing on the stairs, she waits for Peter to slip and fall down the stairs, screaming all the way and dressing herself in a sweater. Unfortunately, Lois is so focused on deducing who she is that she doesn’t realize the truth – it’s always been her.

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Lois has a real partnership with Peter

Lois and Peter may bicker like a typical couple, but they tend to come together for important things, such as encouraging Meg to find a summer job or helping Chris find the artist inside. mine. At the end of the day, mutual respect united them and set the stage for some of Lois and Peter’s best episodes.

They may disagree on everything, but even when they bicker about things like Lois wanting a job and going out to work, they still listen to each other’s point of view (although that has been more in the past). previous few seasons of the series). for real).

louis has great physical comedy

Peter is appreciated for his comedic physicality on the show, as he tends to be clumsy and lacks spatial awareness. Louise, though more coordinated, is also part of her humorous antics, as seen in the famous scene when Stewie pushes Louise down the stairs, an elegantly ironic move for a murder plot. People.

In this meme, wrestler Finn Bailor jumps off the top rope in a sweeping motion very similar to Lois, highlighting her aerial humor and mocking the way she holds her arms. She may not fight chickens all the time, but she can beat it quickly.

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