Fallout 4 Bobblehead Locations: Where to Find All 20

Like the previous articles in this series, find the position of all the rounded ends fallout 4 Can be a difficult task. However, since every Vault Boy gizmo comes with perks, scouring the wasteland to find them is something many players may want to do.

In addition to cute sundries to put around your abode, fallout 4Noggles provide powerful boosts to their respective skills and specials. Each bobblehead corresponds to a specific skill and there are no duplicates. However, the top 20 bobblehead positions fallout 4 Hard to find even for veterans fall out player.

Find all video tutorials fallout 4 Where is the bobblehead doll? Check out the YouTube mix from Fandom Games below!

To read a step-by-step breakdown of where to find each bobblehead location fallout 4See the list below.

Power Noggle – Mass Fusion Building

This round head is located in the Mass Fusion building, on the second floor at the top of the main lobby. You’ll find it on top of the metal structure above the lobby tables. Go to the metal structure and get fallout 4 Power round head doll.

Sneaky Bobblehead – Dunwich Borers

Sneak Fallout 4 bobblehead positions

fallout 4The Sneak Bobblehead can be found in Dunwich Borers. The easiest way to find this item is to look for the “Zone 4” sign inside this area fallout 4map. The Bobblehead will be placed on the table to the left of the sign.

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Gunners Noggle – Gunners Plaza

The location of the small gun doll in Fallout 4

This bobblehead can be found at Gunners Plaza. Find Small Guns Noggle fallout 4, to the studio. In this room you will find the round head on a table in the center of the room.

Unarmed Noggle – Atomic Cat . Garage

Location of the free bobblehead in Fallout 4

Go to Atomic Cat Garage. Upon arrival at the site, look for the main garage, where you’ll find a rusty car. On the hood of this car you will find fallout 4 The bobblehead in question. Pick up items and add them to your collection.

Bobblehead Science – Malden Middle School inside tunnel 75

Scientific bobblehead placement in Fallout 4

The Science bobblehead is located at Malden Middle School, it serves as one of the radioactive material Secret bunker facility. Go to the restaurant located on the third floor of the basement. You’ll find bobbleheads on tables in the dining area.

Repair goggles – Corvega . assembly plant

Fallout 4's Fixed Button Position

This bobblehead is located inside the Corvega Assembly Plant. To find the Repair Noggle, go to the outside walkway of the facility. This walkway will be hung on the outside of the building. Follow this road south and you’ll see the repair station at the edge of this walkway.

Noggle of perception – Liberty Museum

Sense bobblehead position in Fallout 4

this fallout 4 The bobblehead’s location is in the Freedom Museum. This item will be in the same room where you meet Preston and the militia, above the main door of the building. The Bobblehead Perception will be on the table in the room next to the computer.

Melee Noggle – Trinity Tower

Fallout 4 Bobblehead Melee

Noggle close combat fallout 4 Located at the top of the Trinity Tower in the room where Rex and Strong were kept. This item will be placed on the desk next to the two red toolboxes.

Bobblehead Endurance – Poseidon Energy

fallout 4 bobblehead stamina

Stamina Noggle can be found in Poseidon Energy in the central metal shack. Walked in and found the shaggy-haired girl waiting on one of the metal tables.

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Health Button – Vault 81

Fallout 4 Noggle Potion

bobblehead doll in medicine fallout 4 Located in Vault 81, very hard to find. This will take some prep work to get into the vault, so get ready to hand over 3 fusion cores (what power? fallout 4power armor) for the Overseer.

Not sure how to enter this vault to find the location of the next bobblehead fallout 4? Watch the video tutorial from Charlatan Wonder on YouTube below for the full Vault 81 walkthrough!

The Bobblehead Pill is located in the southeast corner of the building in Curie’s office, next to the computer on the desk.

Voice Bobblehead – Park Street Station inside Vault 114

Fallout 4 voice bobblehead on the table

The Speech bobblehead is located in the Superintendent’s Office at Park Street Station. This will be the room where the Raiders will take Nick Valentine hostage fallout 4 The main campaign, which can be found on the table in the middle of the room.

Lockpicking bobblehead next to trash in Fallout 4

fallout 4‘s Lockpicking Bobblehead is located in Pickman’s Gallery. It will be placed in front of the brick column in the same room where the player meets Pickman, to the right of the burning trash can.

Noggle Energy Weapon – Fort Hagen

Energy weapon doll from Fallout 4 on the table

The Energy Weapon’s bobblehead is located in Fort Hagen, in the room where the player will eventually battle Kellog. Head to the command center and continue southwest to find the kitchen.

this fallout 4 The Bobblehead sits between two refrigerators above a small table.

Glamor Bobblehead – Parsons State Psychiatric Hospital

Where is the Glamor Noggle in Fallout 4

Charisma Noggle is located at Jack Cabot’s office in Parsons State Insane Asylum. Head to the county to find Jack’s office. A bobblehead will be placed on his desk.

Big Guns Noggle – Vault 95

Location of the Big Gun bobblehead in Fallout 4, above the radio

Big Gun Noggle fallout 4 The room at the north end in the living quarters of Vault 95. In that room, the bobblehead will be placed on the radio on the table directly in front of the couch.

Dynamite Bobblehead – Saugus Ironworks

Location of exploding bobbleheads in Fallout 4

position fallout 4 Bobblehead dynamite, go to Saugus Iron Works. Go to the blast furnace area and look around to find a steamer. Inside this case is the Explosives Noggle.

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Barter Noggle – Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery

Swap bobbleheads in Fallout 4 on PC

Head to Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery to find Barter Noggle in fallout 4. After entering the building, go up to the upper floor of the building and go to the northwest most area. Here you’ll find a hut with a bunch of computers on which the bobblehead sits.

Bobblehead Wisdom – Boston Public Library

A smart bobblehead sitting on a computer in Fallout 4

fallout 4 You can find the Intelligence Bobblehead in the Mechanics Room of the Boston Public Library. This room is located in the northwest corner of the library and the player can find the bobblehead on the computer inside.

Agile Noggle – FMS Polaris Wreck

fallout 4 nimble bobblehead

This item can be found in the ruins of the FMS Polaris Landmark. Find the wrecked ship and go to its bow. agile bobblehead doll fallout 4 at the end of the plank.

Lucky Noggle – Magic Island

Lucky bobblehead in Fallout 4 locker

bobblehead’s final position fallout 4 Located on Wonder Island. Find the little green boat on the shore and go inside. Players will find a steamer, next to a set of cabinets. Luckily Bobblehead will be in the closet.

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