Everything Included In Valheim’s Mistlands Biome & Update

The Viking survival game Valheim has launched its new Mistlands update on the public test branch, and it’s not simply a new biome to explore but provides players with new weapons, enemies, NPCs, and even an entirely new magic system. Obviously, there is a lot that could still change before it officially releases, and there is no announced release date for Valheim’s Mistlands update yet. However, the amount of new content being added to Mistlands in the public test branch is massive and exciting to see.

The Mistlands update is still undergoing development, which is understandable considering the sheer amount of things being put into it. Right now, the public test version of Valheim is running the new Mistlands update as a chance for developers to discover bugs, adjust balancing, and generally see what changes need to be made before being launched on the Live version of the game. Here is a look at what is currently being included in the test version of Mistlands.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Valheim Mistlands update

Valheim’s Mistlands Biome Is Full Of Life

The Mistlands are aptly named, as the area is shrouded in a thick fog which leaves the entire area a bit dark and bleak looking. Add to that the storms which frequently roll through, Valheim‘s new terrain systems with the steep and rocky cliffs, and the large remnants of the Jotunn giants which once walked the land, and it can be difficult to navigate. There is even a new dungeon mine which is infested with enemies. However, there are plenty of good things here as well, such as the mushrooms which can be found and then farmed by characters as well as hens and chicks that roam the area which can be brought home and raised.

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Valheim’s New Enemies & NPCs To Discover In The Mistlands

A character in Valheim Mistlands fighting off two bug type enemies

A new NPC race, the Dvergr, are introduced within the Mistlands and can become either friend or foe depending on how players choose to interact with them. The Dvergr appears to be a group of mages and rogues who are neutral at first but will attack a player if stolen from or attacked. New creatures and treacherous enemies also fill the area including the Mistlands’ giant spiders, named Seekers, as well as many more. The enemies in Valheim‘s Mistlands update are:






Seeker Brood


Seeker Brute







Tameable Creature

Hen and Chick



NPC- Raven of Lore



The Queen

A Character In Valheim Mistlands Overlooking A Foggy Landscape

For players who enjoy crafting, many new craftable materials and items are introduced in Valheim with this update. This includes many weapons, including spears and swords in Valheim, to help characters battle the above-mentioned new enemies. There are numerous new crafting materials and two new workstations in Valheim‘s Mistlands update: the black forge and the Galdr table. The full list is:






Black Metal Pickaxe


Dvergr Lantern

Weapon (Sword)


Weapon (Sledge)


Weapon (Spear)

Carapace Spear

Weapon (Atgeir)

Himmin Afl

Weapon (Bow)

Spine Snap


Carapace Arrow

Weapon (Crossbow)


Crossbow Bolts

Iron Bolt, Bone Bolt, Black Metal Bolt, Carapace Bolt

Weapon (Two-handed Sword)


Weapon (Dual-wielded Knives)

Skoll and Hati

Weapon (Staff)

Staff of Frost (Elemental Magic)

Weapon (Staff)

Staff of Protection (Blood Magic)

Weapon (Staff)

Dead Raiser (Blood Magic)

Weapon (Staff)

Staff of Embers (Elemental Magic)


Bile Bomb

Ballista Ammunition

Black Metal Missile, Wooden Missile


Carapace Shield


Carapace Buckler

Armour Set

Carapace Breastplate, Carapace Greaves, Carapace Helmet

Armour Set

Eitr-weave Robe, Eitr-weave Trousers, Eitr-weave Hood


Feather Cape (with status effect: Feather Fall)

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Valheim’s Entirely New Magic System With Eitr (Mana) Meter

Purple Magic being cast by a player in Valheim's Mistlands

Perhaps the most exciting new feature is a new magic system. Players can essentially become Viking mages now by being filled with Eitr (mana). This is done by eating foods that have been infused with magic. The magic can then be harnessed into one of the new magic staff options which can be crafted and used to shoot fireballs, ice, or even healing bubbles.

All New Cosmetics, Furniture, Food, & More in Valheim’s Mistlands Update

Valheim Mistlands promotional artwork

There are so many updates that Mistlands adds to Valheim including 12 new emotes, nine new hairstyles, seven new beard styles, new music, and more. For players who enjoy decorating their homes, there will be 21 new building pieces, and 10 new furniture pieces to craft. There are also additional craftable defense pieces to protect them from dangers. 15 new foods and three potions are also added to the game, including a minor eitr mead to help with the new magic skills. A new Wisplight mechanic is also introduced. The new craftable wisplight tool will aid players in moving the mist out of their way using stationary wisplights or one that follows the character wherever they go.

Even Fishing Has Undergone A Massive Update In Valheim With Mistlands

Valheim Fishing

Iron Gate Studio even took the fishing mechanic into consideration, and it got an update with Mistlands as well. The mechanic of how to fish in Valheim is improved with the addition of a skill for fishing, which can be leveled up to use less stamina and make it easier to catch fish. There are several new fish types and craftable baits for each biome, and the fish can now be picked up and mounted on item stands or made into raw fish at cooking stations. Fish can appear in ice caves or even jump over the water and flop around on land.

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Since launching in early access, Valheim has made a name for itself as a Viking survival game with aspects of Norse traditions. The developers have continued to work on the game to update it and continue to add more content regularly, so much so that they still have Valheim listed as being in Early Access on Steam. While the official release date for Mistlands is unknown at this time, it will be a pleasure to explore the foggy biome and experience all it has to offer.

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