Everyone can see the cracks in the brick wall – you could have a high IQ if you spot the everyday object in 5 seconds

AT first glance, you would be almost assured there is just a bunch of bricks in the image, but another object is hidden in plain sight. 

If your eyes fall upon the miscellaneous object in the first five seconds you could have a high IQ.


Can you spot the hidden object in five seconds?Credit: YouTube

The object is almost perfectly camouflaged with the bricks and could be hard to spot.

You’ll be shocked once you figure out how this brick wall actually holds a surprise.

Did you find it in five seconds?

If not, a clue is that the object is a cigar. 

It may seem very strange how a cigar made it into a brick wall.

However, there was a perfect fit.  

You may start to focus on how the bricks are starting to erode and crack but don’t get distracted.

Try to pay attention to what looks different amongst the bricks. 

All those cracks are another clue. 

The cigar also has a bit of ash residue on it which blends in with the diminishing bricks as well. 

Meanwhile, the bricks in the photo are starting to fade, which has made them take on a pale red and orange color.

The cigar is a solid brown color. 

Hopefully, you did not get stumped on this tricky brain teaser.

Lastly, focus really well on the cracks between the bricks.

The answer is the cigar was placed directly in the crevice of the blocks.

The cracks turned out to be a perfect holding spot for the cigar.

You can see the hidden cigar circled below.

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The hidden cigar is circled in red


The hidden cigar is circled in redCredit: YouTube

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