Everyone can see the camel in this picture – but if you can spot the hidden face in 20 seconds you have a high IQ

MOST people will spot the camel in this image right away but if you can find the hidden face in under 20 seconds, your IQ might be higher than others.

The face is hard to spot and might just be in a place that you least expect it.


This optical illusion has been around for hundreds of years

Dating back to the 1880s, the optical illusion has left viewers stumped for centuries.

It has been shared countless times on social media as users try to find the elusive rider.

If you can’t find the face, there is a clue that can help you solve it.

But if you beat the brain teaser within 20 seconds, it might just be a sign of your above-average intelligence.

These kinds of illusions and brain teasers help you exercise your brain, which studies show can help with problem-solving skills.

Still scratching your head on this puzzle? Here’s a hint: try flipping the image upside down.

By looking at the left side of the photo, you’ll see where the camel rider has been all along.

By turning the photo right side up, the rider’s face is on the bottom right, hidden in the corner.

A man's face is hidden at the bottom of the image


A man’s face is hidden at the bottom of the image

The man’s face can be easily found by following the rope hanging around the camel’s mouth.

The silhouette is spotted next to the plants in the photo.

If you were able to solve this illusion, try finding the winning lottery ticket in the bin.

Were you able to spot it?


Were you able to spot it?

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The image – by minimum deposit casinos – shows an overflowing bin filled with various items of rubbish.

However, there is one thing in the bin that you would certainly not want to throw away.

Or maybe you can find the deadly animal hidden in this desert image before it strikes?

Try to find the lottery ticket that has been mistakenly thrown away


Try to find the lottery ticket that has been mistakenly thrown away

The image shows a cowboy relaxing in a desert landscape – and although it appears to be an inhospitable habitat there are two creatures who call the place home.

This puzzle is especially tricky as the image consists of brown and neutral tones – similar colors as the creatures.

Alternatively, you can also try finding the hidden monkey hiding in this image before the zoo closes for the night.

There's the pesky ticket - did you find it?


There’s the pesky ticket – did you find it?

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