Everyone can see the animal on the roof – you may have a high IQ if you can work out whether it’s a cat or a dog

YOU could have a high IQ if you correctly guess whether this animal is a cat or a dog.

People are baffled by the viral optical illusion that shows the furry critter sitting alone on top of a roof.


See if you can identify the furry creature in this rooftop sceneCredit: ViralHog
Viewers are divided over what they initially saw


Viewers are divided over what they initially sawCredit: ViralHog

Take a second to look at the rooftop scene where the animal can be spotted in the distance.

The nine-second clip was shared on TikTok by user CactusShark.

It racked up a whopping 1.8 million likes after users were delighted by the adorable surprise.

At first glance, you may see the fact of a dog, but as the video zooms in, the true identity of the creature is revealed.

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At the very end of the clip, the furry fella quickly turns around and lets out a huge meow, signifying it is indeed a cat.

The comment section of the video was filled with users laughing over the shocking last-second twist.

One person said they feared it was a “decapitated lab” while others agreed they immediately saw a dog.

Someone else called it the “biggest plot twist of 2022” with another saying “I thought it was a polar bear peeking up over something.”

“Nature’s camouflage at its best,” said one comment.

If you guessed a cat, then you could have a higher-than-average IQ after many people in the comment section of the video mistook the creature for a dog.

“I thought it was a white husky….a husky would get its head caught,” one viewer commented.

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Many people saw a dog's face at first, but the animal is actually a cat


Many people saw a dog’s face at first, but the animal is actually a catCredit: ViralHog
Try looking for the ring that's hidden in this springtime illustration


Try looking for the ring that’s hidden in this springtime illustrationCredit: William May
The ring was sitting on top of a carrot


The ring was sitting on top of a carrotCredit: William May

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