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Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All includes catchy songs, both old and new, throughout its uniquely twisted story of love and violence. Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell lead the cast, playing two hungry cannibals on a journey across America that reveals some deep-buried secrets about themselves and the world they live in. It’s a modern story of love, hunger, and violence – and most importantly, the blurred distinction between these concepts. These young characters encounter plenty of troubles along their journey, but it’s their close bond that makes the film so memorable and allows it to stick in audiences’ minds long after the credits roll.

Bones and All is an extremely atmospheric and emotional film, and much of this unique tone is created thanks to Guadagnino’s playful music choices – and his instinct of exactly when to use the right songs. Bones and All is more metaphorical than horror-fuelled, so there’s plenty of opportunity to include some fascinating music that would never really fit in an all-out horror. Whilst there are several horrific and violent scenes in the film, Bones and All also manages to blend in some comedy and lightheartedness when suitable. A unique soundtrack is the most effective way of balancing this indistinct border.

Here’s every song in Bones and All, in order:

  • “Everything I Need” by Men at Work
  • “Lick It Up” by Kiss
  • “Atmosphere” by Joy Division
  • “Your Silent Face” by New Order
  • “(You Made It Feel) Like Home” by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
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When Exactly Every Song Plays In Bones & All

“Everything I Need” by Men at Work – This song plays in the background of the party that Maren attends at the beginning of the film. After sneaking out of her house, she makes her way to the party and begins to learn about her dark secret. It’s the first time that audiences are introduced to this aspect of Maren’s life, and the upbeat pop tempo of Men at Work’s music creates a false sense of security that enhances the shock value.

“Lick It Up” by Kiss – The most memorable song of the movie by far, “Lick it Up” is accompanied by a hilarious dance from Timothée Chalamet’s character Lee. It sounds shortly after Maren meets him for the first time, as he plays it on the record player of a victim whose house they’re staying at. The scene instantly makes Lee a likable character, proving that in spite of his condition, he still has feelings and a sense of humor.

“Atmosphere” by Joy Division – Despite the dark-sounding tune of this classic ’80s ballad, Joy Division’s music plays over Lee and Maren’s ‘first date’ at the fair. It accompanies a montage of their time together, with the grungy ballad perfectly encapsulating their grimy and complex relationship. It might be grounded in darkness and immorality, but the one thing keeping them together is compassion and love.

“Your Silent Face” by New Order – This song plays fairly late into Lee and Maren’s journey, as they’re refueling in Nebraska. It plays for a while as they continue to drive, escaping their problems and enjoying each other’s company. It’s a perfect background piece whilst the film takes a breath, allowing the audience to relax before throwing them into that shocking final act.

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“(You Made It Feel) Like Home” by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – This heartbreaking love song, written especially for the film, plays over the very final scene of Bones and All. It’s an incredibly moving and emotional piece of music, with lyrics that sync up perfectly with Lee and Maren’s adventure. Reznor and Ross also composed the score for the film, so this song has a very similar melody that feels familiar by this point.

Where To Listen To Bones & All’s Score

Bones And All characters touching foreheads

The original score for Bones and All was composed by two-time Academy Award winners Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, and can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. Like much of their previous work, the music behind Bones and All is an ethereal and hypnotizing score that blends effortlessly with the unique tone of the story and truly brings the film to life. The poignant music in Bones and All‘s emotional ending and throughout the important story beats really ensure that the audience is invested, making those powerful moments hit even harder. It is among Reznor and Ross’ best work, and it even holds up wonderfully outside the movie.

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