Every Ninja Location in Paper Mario: The Origami King

During the main story of Paper Mario: The Origami King, Mario must enter the House of Tricky Ninjas attraction in pursuit of a green character who has allegedly stolen the Master Key. Once inside, the goal is for Mario to find all the Ninjas hidden within the attraction. The attraction itself is an obstacle course, and each room is itself a puzzle. Finding all 25 Ninjas will reward the player with Collectible Treasure No.50 Luigi and Collectible Treasure No.51 Ninja Signs, and finding Luigi in the house will award the Master Key that will allow Mario to continue his quest to Shogun Studios.

Similar to the hidden Toads scattered across the map, players will want to explore all the hidden corners of the house to find the hidden Ninjas. They will also need to engage in several battles to complete this part of the story. Here is every hidden Ninja location in the House of Tricky Ninjas and how to get to them and complete the attraction.

Every Ninja Location in Paper Mario: The Origami King

The Ninjas in the attraction like to hide, including behind walls and inside items. Unlike the hidden Toads, these are not as easy to spot. No part of the Ninja shows up until Mario finds them. Here are all the Ninja locations in order.

Ninjas in the first room

There is only one Ninja in the first room when Mario arrives, and finding him will reveal the hallway to the rest of the house.

  • Ninja 1: Once Mario enters the House of Tricky Ninjas, he will see a wall in front of him with an off-center black column. He will need to hammer that wall to reveal the Ninja behind it.

Ninjas in the second room

Once Mario hammers the wall and finds the first Ninja, a hallway opens up. He will need to travel down the hallway to the door on the left and enter that room. There are 7 Ninjas in this room.

  • Ninja 2: Inside the lantern, found by hammering the lantern
  • Ninja 3: Inside the platform in the middle of the room, found by standing on the wood and hammering the ash repeatedly
  • Ninja 4: Inside the chest, found by opening the chest and pulling out the Ninja from its exposed top
  • Ninja 5: Inside the double doors directly to the right of the chest, found by opening the door
  • Ninja 6: Above the closet, found by opening the right closet door and pulling the cord inside
  • Ninja 7: Behind the left closet door, found by sliding the right closet door closed and sliding the left closet door open
  • Ninja 8: Stuck upside-down in the tiny alcove to the left of the closet, found by pulling the cord next to the patterned shade
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Ninjas in the Third Room of Paper Mario

Three of the six Ninjas in the third room in the House of Tricky Ninjas attraction in Paper Mario: The Origami King

To enter the next room, Mario needs to pull down the patterned shade near Ninja 8. This will reveal a secret tunnel for him to travel through. In the third room, which is full of tatami mats, Mario can find 6 Ninjas. Five of the Ninjas are hidden under the mats and can be found by stepping on the edge of the correct mat. Mario will need to battle the Ninjas unless he is able to jump on them without using the hammer. If he uses the hammer in or out of a battle setting, the Ninjas will beat him using their Ninja decoy technique.

  • Ninja 9: Upon entering the room, under the third mat against the left wall (the only square-shaped one)
  • Ninja 10: Under the square mat four mats to the right of the left wall
  • Ninja 11: Under the square mat in the bottom right corner of the room, against the rightmost wall
  • Ninja 12: Under the other square mat against the rightmost wall
  • Ninja 13: Under the square mat to the left of the mat where Ninja 12 was hiding

Players will need to look a little harder for Ninja 14. This one is not under a mat. Instead, Mario needs to run to the back of the room and hammer the back right wall to get to the other side of it. He will then need to pull the cord there to reveal Ninja 14 hanging upside-down in the window.

Ninjas in the fourth room

Mario will need to head left after finding Ninja 14 and exit through the secret tunnel. He will pass through the garden, where there are no Ninjas. In the back of the garden, hammer the stone lantern to find a hidden set of rooms that will allow Mario to rescue Luigi and obtain the Master Key.

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Use the walkway to cross the garden into the next room. Here, the floor is covered in more tatami mats and spikes. There are 6 Ninjas in this room and 3 in the rafters, but players will need to navigate slowly to avoid being hurt on the spikes. Spikes only appear on certain sides of certain mats. Like a maze, the player will need to figure out the puzzle to take Mario in the right direction.

  • Ninja 15: At the door. Mario will need to walk back toward the door to trigger this Ninja.
  • Ninja 16: On the spikes of the next square mat to the left of the door.
  • Ninja 17: On the spikes at the border between the two rectangular mats that make an upside-down L shape on the right wall
  • Ninja 18: Behind the secret door. To reach this Ninja, go to the back of the room and hammer on the back left wall to reveal a secret room. Pull the cord to reveal a staircase and Ninja 18.
  • Ninja 19: On the rafters. To reach this Ninja, go up the stairs that descended while revealing Ninja 18. Turn left, then left again toward the discolored portion of the rafter. Mario should hammer the discolored portion to flip it and reveal Ninja 19.
  • Ninja 20: Cross the rafter to the right of Ninja 19 and turn to go down the length of the right wall. Hammer the fourth square wall panel down the line (it is slightly ajar) to reveal Ninja 20
  • Ninja 21: Cross the rafter back to the left and go all the way to the front of the room (closest to the player). Jump to avoid falling. Head across the final rafter. Where there is a break near the bottom right corner, hammer to reveal a path to the treasure chest. Open the chest to find Ninja 21.
  • Ninjas 22 & 23: Cross the rafter path revealed with the hammer again (to the left) and drop through the break in the rafter. Land on the wooden rectangle just before two symmetrical green and yellow tatami mats. Inch forward and hammer the space between the two mats until two spikes appear on the big center rectangle, revealing Ninja 22 and 23.
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Ninjas in the Last Room of Paper Mario

The last Ninja Mario needs to find in the House of Tricky Ninjas Attraction in Paper Mario: The Origami King

Once Mario reveals Ninjas 22 & 23, he will need to walk through that doorway and into the final room. There are two more Ninjas here, and Mario will receive his rewards.

  • Ninja 24: On the left room door, found by closing the door to the room upon entry
  • Ninja 25: In the second file cabinet drawer on the bottom level. To reach this, Mario must first cross the room and hammer the floorboard that is slightly darker in color. This will cause the filing cabinets to shift into a staircase shape. Hammer each individual filing cabinet cubby on the second row from the bottom, traveling right to left, all the way across to open each drawer. In the final drawer of that row, Mario will find the Luigi collectible. Hammer the drawer where the Luigi collectible was hiding to force open the bottom drawer, revealing Ninja 25.

Completing the House of Tricky Ninjas in Paper Mario: The Origami King

Mario finds Luigi in the House of Tricky Ninja attraction in Paper Mario: The Origami King

To complete the attraction, Mario will need to climb the makeshift stairs and enter the secret room. There, he will encounter a wave battle with origami Ninjas and will need to run toward the foreground to avoid being crushed between the walls.

Once he avoids the closing walls, he will slide down a wooden platform back to the start of the attraction and receive the Ninja Signs collectible.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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