Every Jedi Who Had A Purple Lightsaber (Not Just Mace Windu)

Mace Windu is not the only Jedi Star Wars Use purple lightsaber.when samuel jackson joins Star Wars In the prequel, he makes an unusual request to George Lucas. He wants his Jedi, Mace Windu, to have a unique purple lightsaber. Lucas initially objected, insisting that the lightsaber only come in three colors – blue, green, and red – but ultimately refused. The purple lightsaber has become Mace Windu’s signature weapon, setting a precedent for the many other colors of the lightsaber.

In the universe, the purple lightsaber is considered a symbol of Mace’s flaws. The color is a mixture of red and blue, thus indicating the inner darkness that was swirling in Mace’s heart. That’s the secret to Mace’s success as a Jedi Master, as he feels deeply defeated in front of his dark side and tries his best to contain it. Of course, the Clone Wars pushed Mace to the brink, and as he stood beside Palpatine, he succumbed to the temptation to kill a defeated enemy. Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. But Mace isn’t the only one to wield a purple lightsaber, be it vintage or older Star Wars The expanding universe (now called “legendary“Lucas Films).

8 Maces Windu

Curiously, Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber links canon and legend. The Expanded Universe reveals that the sword is powered by the rare Hurikane crystal, a kyber variant with unique properties. Although storm crystals are not mentioned in the rule, sources have confirmed that kyber variants still possess these unusual properties and colors. Most Jedi from the prequel get their kyber crystals from the planet Ilum, which explains why Mace is one of the few Jedi with a purple blade.

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7 Vernestra Rwoh

Star Wars Vernestra Rwoh

recently Star Wars Novels and comics explore the Age of the Republic centuries before the prequel trilogy. Purple lightsabers seem to be more common during the Age of the Republic, an era when the Jedi didn’t seem to be afraid of the dark. Vernestra Rwoh is one of the most famous Jedi Knights to wield a purple lightsaber, earning the title of Jedi Master at the age of 15. She is highly sensitive to the Force, which prompted her to design. restored his lightsaber and transformed it into an unusual light whip.

6 Ty Yorick

star wars tayorick

Ty Yorrick – a unique hero from the Age of Republic – is also known for his unique purple lightsaber. She joined the Jedi Society at a young age, leaving after an undisclosed incident to become a hired Saber. She usually focuses on monster hunting, which means she becomes very useful when dark creatures like Dregil and Nameless threaten the Outer Rim. Tayorick once again finds herself embroiled in Jedi affairs, and it’s likely she’ll return to the Order.

5 Samaragan

Star Wars Sav Malagan

Jedi Padawan Sav Malagan is Star WarsIntroduced in the latest series Star Wars: Adventures of the RepublicTrained on Maz Kanata’s planet Takodana, Sav Malagan is an unusual Jedi Knight with a thirst for adventure. His adventure has only just begun, but he seems destined to get involved in a lot of conflict.

4 Kyler Lambeck

Star Wars Kyler Lambeck

Kelleran Beq, played by Ahmed Best, is the Jedi Master who oversees Lucasfilm Star Wars: The Jedi Temple Challenge Game show. Best was given a lot of power when it came to character creation, and he evolved into a skilled lightsaber warrior – nicknamed “”The hand of the sword.Several aspects of Beq’s character were inspired by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and the Shaolin monks from Best’s childhood favorite kung fu movies. Of course, his purple lightsaber is a nod to Mace Windu.

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3 Hulik

star wars storm

A Rodian who served in the Jedi Order in the prequel era, Huulik served on the front lines of the Clone Wars, even fighting alongside Anakin Skywalker himself. Severely wounded after Order 66, Huulik sailed back to Rodia, but died on the journey. His family built a mausoleum in his honor, and Luke Skywalker eventually obtained Huulik’s sword, which contains various kyber crystals so it can come in different colors and shades. together. One of them is amethyst.

2 Darth Revan

Star Wars Kotordas Raven Knights Of The Old Republic

Only a handful of Jedi have ever wielded purple lightsabers, but they were more common in the old Expanded Universe. Even there, however, Darth Revan is a unique character simply because he is the only Sith Lord known to wield a purple lightsaber. Darth Revan is officially back Star Wars Canon (Mr Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker), but it is unknown if his purple blade is considered canon. Hope Lucasfilm continues to incorporate classic elements Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic The game enters the Disney era, and Riven’s lightsaber will be one of them.

1 Other Jedi Legend that wields a purple lightsaber

Star Wars Ki-Adi-Mundi

There are many other Jedi wielding purple lightsabers in Legends. In some cases, these characters have actually been incorporated into the canon – but without their unique swords. In other cases, they may not fit the Disney timeline. they are:

  • Ki-Adi-Mundi, wielding a purple lightsaber in Dark Horse’s
    Star Wars
    comic. Cerean Jedi was on the committee during the prequel, but the comic provided a confusing backstory for Ki-Adi-Mundi, which fortunately has since been removed. This includes the purple lightsaber he never uses in the canon.

  • An’ya Kuro, sometimes referred to as the Black Woman, was a Jedi Knight who radicalized the teaching of segregation. She is best known as the mentor of Aurra Sing, a rogue student who sided with the Secession.

  • J’Mikel, another Jedi from the prequel, is seen wielding a purple lightsaber. A supporting character whose appearance is most notable is in Dark Horse
    Star Wars
    #28, when he was killed by Aurra Sing. Aurra Sing is typical (and so is her death), but J’Mikel doesn’t seem to be mentioned.

  • Anakin Solo, Leia’s youngest son in the extended universe, briefly wielded a purple lightsaber. Her daughter, Jaina Solo Fell, is known for her purple sword, which adorns the covers of several novels.

  • The last notable character is Sinya, a Twi’lek who worked for Dark Sun before the prequel. Although Sinya is not sensitive to force, she wields two purple shoto lightsabers, which makes her a bit unusual.
    Star Wars

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