Even Bleach Fans Still Get The Name’s Meaning Wrong

Manga fans are used to weird titles from full sentences like About my reincarnation like a slime Meaningless English phrases like this Franks’ favorite and simple transliteration of Japanese words like Inuyashabut it turned out to be bleach This is a game with more content than it looks.

bleach It began serialization in 2001 and is the second series created by Kubo Tite after his short life. zombie powder Abandoned in 2000. The idea of ​​the series is very different from the final result, but seed fans know it. bleach It begins with a Shinigami/Death sketch (later known as “Death”) in a black kimono. One of the hallmarks of Kubo’s writing style is devising and creating new characters as a means of dealing with the block of writers, so it’s fitting that the entire series also begins this way. there. In fact, Rukia wore this suit during the first drawing of the manga.

In an interview with Liveabout, Kubo revealed the origin of the manga.as a idea bleach As his body became stronger, Kubo began to think about what kind of weapon these death gods would use, and to his surprise, his first thought was not a sword but a gun. Kubo came up with the title of the god of death holding a gun in his mind warbler, such as “sniper”. However, the gun didn’t feel very good, especially when paired with more traditional attire like a kimono, so Kubo ended up changing their primary weapon to a sword, called a Zanpakuto. Of course, this meant he needed a new title and his name. The next choice is Black. Black is often associated with death in Western culture, and the Soul Reaper’s outfit at this point was black to reflect that, so it seemed appropriate. While there is no shortage of simply titled sets like this (darker than black, Black Clover, Black Butler), only one Black It just feels so normal. Kubo then considers whitebecause color has a similar association with death in Japan and other Chinese-influenced cultures, but there are similar problems.

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White works well for contrast and the idea of ​​an opponent wearing white is there (like Uliu’s Quincy or Espada’s), but the title needs to be clearer and when looking for related words to white, Kubo ends up using the English word “bleach”. Although bleach is just a chemical, it is not only closely related to white but also to the brightest, purest white, making people think of color when they hear it. It conveys the idea he wants readers to remember, while at the same time being different.

Unlike many comics, bleach Not to mention a single object or character in the series, but rather the general idea of ​​death and the afterlife on which the entire story is based. It might be a bit roundabout, but it’s still a very smart choice.

Source: LiveAbout

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