Euphoria: The 10 Worst Things Jules Has Ever Done

Jules Vaughn is one of the fan favorites of Euphoria, but she has some disappointing moments. At first glance, Jules appears to be free-spirited, adventurous and confident. There’s a lot more under the surface. Jules battles with depression and has a history of falling into toxic relationships.

Fans aren’t sure what’s going to happen to Jules and Rue Bennett’s relationship after season 2 of Euphoria. Jules’ hardships growing up and her strained relationship with her mom continue to have an impact on how she navigates the world. Most of her downfalls can be viewed through her relationship with Rue. Jules has done a lot of hurtful things in both seasons that may have a lasting impact on the people that she cares about.

Slept With Cal Jacobs

Jules has a pattern of sleeping with white, older married cisgender men whom she meets off dating apps. Having affairs with married men is already risky behavior, but then she disastrously sleeps with Cal Jacobs. Cal not only runs the town, but he’s the father of Nate Jacobs. This one decision leads to a domino effect of awful choices and situations involving different characters in the show. This occurrence is one of the times we felt bad for Jules.

Hunter Schafer, who plays Jules, shares why Jules seeks out these relationships with older men in a video for the Euphoria Unfiltered series: “I think it goes back to something deep-rooted, like transitioning, wanted to be treated a certain way by a man in order to feel like a woman in this very binary vantage point.”

Did Drugs With Rue

Rue and Jules touching foreheads in Euphoria

Jules takes a synthetic psychedelic with Rue right after asking her if she just got out of rehab. At this point in the series, Jules doesn’t know how dangerous this could be for Rue, but given Jules’ history with her mother, viewers would be forgiven for thinking she would approach the situation differently.

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Jules has a strained relationship with her mother, who struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. Although Jules isn’t responsible for Rue’s actions, one would assume she would be more mindful of putting Rue’s recovery at risk.

Ignored Rue’s Feelings

Rue at the funfair in Euphoria

When fans first meet Jules, she is curious and uses love as an adrenaline boost. There are a few moments where she makes Rue uncomfortable without even noticing. Rue is wholly infatuated by Jules, but it’s evident that Jules doesn’t want to be tied down. Jules doesn’t pick up on Rue’s body language or moods when she says certain things.

When Rue agrees to take nude pictures for Jules to send online, Rue is bothered, but Jules dismisses her feelings. Jules also continuously brings up the people she’s talking to or likes with no regard to how this makes Rue feel.

Left Rue In The Dark

Rue and Jules standing together in Euphoria

Jules is painted as the villain in season 1 because fans only see things from Rue’s perspective. In Euphoria’s special episode, Jules tells her side of the story while talking to her therapist. The lack of communication between Rue and Jules creates more problems than necessary.

Jules is trying to navigate through life bottling up the emotions she’s experiencing. Jules was harassed by Nate, left by her mom, and quietly dealt with her insecurities alone. Rue rarely knows what Jules is going through or what she’s thinking, which leads to toxicity in their relationship.

Had Mixed Feelings For Rue

Rue and Jules in bed together

When meeting up with Jules to attend a Halloween party, Rue tries to kiss her, but Jules moves away. Once at the party, Rue can sense that something is wrong with Jules due to her concerning behavior.

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Jules jumps into the pool, drunkenly recites Romeo and Juliet, and then pulls Rue in with her. The two share a kiss that leads to Rue crying alone. This is one of the first signs of how unhealthy their relationship is with Rue acknowledging that Jules might not be good for her.

Had A Fling With Anna

Anna and Jules kissing in Euphoria.

Jules and Rue weren’t in a relationship, but Jules knew that Rue had feelings for her. This doesn’t stop Jules from having sex with Anna.  She casually tells Rue that they hooked up and compares Anna to Rue.

Jules says things like “it was the best weekend” and “I never felt anything like it,” which are among the quotes that prove Jules is bad for Rue. Rue struggles with self-worth, and Jules’ comments don’t make her feel any better. Rue eventually asks Jules if she wishes she was different, highlighting how Jules sometimes makes her feel insecure.

Left Rue For The City

Jules smiling at night In Euphoria

Rue decides that they should get out of town and move to the city. Jules eagerly agrees, but Rue gets cold feet. She realizes that she can’t just leave her family behind and she doesn’t have her medication.

Jules tries to encourage Rue and dismisses all of Rue’s reasons to stay. She ignores Rue’s fragility and her emotional state. Instead of being there for Rue, Jules selfishly leaves for the city, which pushes Rue to relapse.

Put Love Over Friendships

Kat leaning against a wall in Euphoria

Jules is obsessed with the idea of love. Fans don’t get to see her develop many friendships in the show because of her fixation with her love life. She reflects on this in season 2 during a conversation with Kat.

Kat sees that Jules hasn’t found Rue at a party and tells Jules, “if you found her, we wouldn’t be hanging out.” Jules apologizes for becoming wrapped up in her love life and regrets not becoming closer to Kat. After the apology, Jules still focuses mainly on Rue and a new interest, Elliot. This is one of the biggest issues with Jules Euphoria character arc in season 2.

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Drank Alcohol In Front Of Rue

Jules stands nervously in the liquor store in Euphoria

Elliot decides that the group should steal liquor, and Jules goes along with it. Jules knows that Rue struggles with addiction, but continues to drink in front of her. She gets upset because Rue decides to partake in the festivities.

Jules cares about Rue’s sobriety but jeopardizes it by selfishly bringing alcohol around her. Jules doesn’t think about how her actions may impact Rue.

Cheated On Rue

Jules interrogates Elliot in Euphoria

Jules is insecure about Rue potentially cheating on her with Elliot. After interrogating Elliot, she becomes closer to him – too close, in fact. Jules enjoys the attention Elliot gives her, while Rue is mentally absent from their relationship.

Jules discloses to Elliot that Rue faked an orgasm. This conversation leads to Jules initiating a kiss between the two of them. Elliot and Jules show no remorse and even make out while Rue is in the bathroom. After Jules explains that she doesn’t trust Rue and Elliot’s relationship, she ends up being the one that commits an act of betrayal.

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