Erin Jackson Parents: Tracy Jackson (Dad), Rita Jackson (Mom)

Meet Erin Jackson’s parents: Tracy and Rita Jackson. The gold medalist didn’t share much, but there are things you should know about them. Keep scrolling to learn more about them.

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Who are Erin Jackson’s parents?

Erin Jackson was born to parents Tracy Jackson and Rita Jackson. During an interview with NBC Olympics, she opened up about her parents. Erin said, “Because my parents come from large families, I have a very large extended family.” Both parents were focused on education.

Speaking to Forbes, Erin shared that she was tricked into thinking books and dictionaries were cool and that her parents set up a tuition fund for her when she was little. She told the newspaper: “My parents were focused on education. They made sure that she had all the right opportunities for school. They started a college program to pay my tuition when I was a kid.”

In her IG post, Erin thanked and felt grateful for her parents’ support and “the sacrifices they made to help her excel academically, athletically, and in life.”

Meet Erin Jackson’s father, Tracy Jackson

Meet Tracy Jackson, father of Erin Jackson. Erin shared with NBC Olympics that her father recently moved to Utah and they bought a house together near the Olympic Oval. In 2018, Erin wrote in her personal card that she “was able to spend time with my dad before he comes back to Salt Lake City. Tracy was so excited to hear all the support he’s been getting to help him get to South Korea. We can’t thank you.” enough”.

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In 2018, during the South Korean Olympics, Erin had her father with her and revealed on her IG page that “it wouldn’t have been the same without him.” But, speaking to Sports Illustrated, she said: “I didn’t even tell my dad and family that I was going to the Olympics because it wasn’t the Olympics for me. I was going to compete in this race that happened to be where other people were trying to qualify for the Olympics.”

Erin told the Star Tribune: “It means a lot to me. I’ve always been a daddy’s girl. With only his love here and now, it’s like I never left.”

Since her father is the only father in her life, Erin is very close to him. On Father’s Day 2020, she wrote on her IG, “Happy Father’s Day to my favorite and most supportive old man.”

  • Tracy Jackson Age

Reportedly born on March 16, 1949, Tracy Jackson turned 72 in 2021.

  • Tracy Jackson’s Business

Multiple online news outlets reported that Tracy Jackson was a retired military veteran and a retired fire truck builder. Prior to retirement, Tracy worked for E-ONE, Inc. E-ONE is a division of REV Group, Inc., a global designer and manufacturer of fire-rescue vehicles headquartered in Ocala, Florida.

The company pioneered the use of extruded aluminum in ambulances in 1974 and today leads the industry with innovative uses of this material. The company is known for the sale of VECTOR pumps, EMAX pumps, VM8 pumps, tanks, ladders, cranes and other products.

In February 2018, E-ONE tweeted, “E-ONE fired employee Tracy Jackson who is attending the #WinterOlympics in South Korea to watch her daughter @ErinJackson480 compete in long track speed skating! Please join us in cheering on #ErinJackson! #EONEstrong #OlympicGames”.

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Following Erin’s win, E-ONE shared on their Facebook page, “E-ONE is proud of Ocalina Erin Jackson, daughter of E-ONE retiree Tracy Luke Jackson, who today made history as the first black woman to win a medal in speed skating. to the Winter Olympics, winning Team USA gold in the 500m for the first time in 28 years! Bravo!!”.

  • Is Tracy Jackson on Instagram?

No, Tracy Jackson isn’t on Instagram, but she does have a Facebook account.

Meet Erin Jackson’s mom, Rita Jackson

Erin Jackson lost her mother Rita Jackson some time ago. Specifically, she passed away on March 17, 2011. Erin once introduced her mother on her IG and wrote, “I’m always sad for my dad because the day after his birthday is so hard. It’s been 10 years since my mom died, but we still miss her every day. I wish he could see me graduate from high school or college or compete in the Olympics.”

Erin added: “I wish I had more pictures of her too! There were quite a few, but we somehow lost the bag after collecting all the photos of her before her funeral. Maybe she will show up one day. I’ll keep using this one for now :)”

His mother missed seeing his achievements. But one of her family friends wrote on her Facebook: “Yay Erin Jackson, jock! Rita is the happiest mom I’ve ever met.”

  • Rita Jackson Age

At the time of her death, Rita Jackson was 53 years old. Erin’s mom was born on September 2, 1957.

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When her mother passed away, a family friend of Erin’s shared the story on her Facebook page: “I remember being surprised by the phone call you made while we were in China. You just won a world medal for the United States, but your mom was more concerned with wishing her little girl a happy birthday. That kind of love, knowing what is important, amazed me. Stay strong, Erin. We all love you.”

  • rita jackson work

Rita Jackson reportedly worked as a pharmacy technician.

  • Was Rita Jackson on Instagram?

No, Rita Jackson was not on Instagram.

  • When did Erin Jackson’s parents get married?

There is no information about the marriage of his parents.

  • Were Erin Jackson’s parents still married?

Erin Jackson’s parents remained married until her mother’s death in 2011.

  • How many children do Erin Jackson’s parents have?

Erin Jackson has an older brother named Corey Farmer. She reportedly lives in Florida with his wife and works in the roofing industry.

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