Eneya Jenkins Bio, Age, Job, Sanela Diana Jenkins Daughter

Eneya Jenkins is the middle daughter of Sanela Diana Jenkins, the new official star The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We know a lot about Sanela’s love life, but this article focuses on her daughter Eneya. Find out about her age, job, her birthday and her love life.

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Meet Eneya Jenkins, daughter of Sanela Diane Jenkins

Eneya Jenkins is the younger of the two children Sanela Diana Jenkins shared with her husband Roger Jenkins, a banker at London Barclays Bank. Her parents married in 1999. The marriage ran its course and ended in divorce in 2011.

Sanela is a cast member on season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is the founder and CEO of Neur, a beverage startup. She also acquired Melissa Odabash, a swimwear line, and D Empire Entertainment, a “full-service music label,” according to her website.

Sanela highlighted her daughter two days before the publication of this article. She wrote, “happy girls 🌸.”

Sanela, on the other hand, had a long road from rags to riches. She was a Bosnian refugee who dedicated the last 20 years of her life to activism. She founded several advocacy organizations, including the Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project at UCLA and the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization with actor Sean Penn.

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According to her foundation’s website, Sanela has also been recognized as one of the world’s top three innovations in the field of justice by The Hague Institute. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Diana is worth $300 million.

Sanela is currently in a relationship with her father, R&B singer Asher Monroe. “After the divorce, I was alone for about five minutes,” Diana said. ‘I met Asher at a Victoria’s Secret party. It was never supposed to be anything else, we were just having fun and here we are.

They had a daughter named Eliyanah on November 25, 2020. She is now the mother of three children. Eneya has an older brother named Innis Jenkins. She is currently dating Ava Dash, the daughter of Damon Dash and Rachel Roy.

Innis’s father dated several women after divorcing Sanela. Some of the notable names are Elle Macpherson and former Miss Venezuela Aida Yespica. He later met and married Larissa Andrade in August of 2018.

Aeneas Jenkins Age

As of this writing, in May 2022, Eneya Jenkins is 19 years old.

The work of Enea Jenkins

Eneya Jenkins is an aspiring cyclist. She has been competing professionally in events since 2019. Prema british eventingIn 2019, he competed in five events, namely Woodside CA, Paso Robles, River RD, and Temecula CA. She won two of five disciplines and was fifth in one.

In 2020, he competed at the Bicton Arena International riding his horse Gideon. In October 2020, he was ranked seventh.

Additionally, in 2021, Eneya competed in 22 events. Some of the events he competed in were Bicton Arena International (2 events), Bovington (2), Pontispool (2), SAPEY, Aston-Le-Walls, Nunney International (2) and various other events.

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As of May 2022, Eneya has already competed in seven events. He rode in two Bicton Arena events, Aston-E-Walls and Moreton Morrell. In October 2021 she performed at horse and dog.

Last year, the pandemic derailed Eneye Jenkins’ plans to return home to the United States, where she had lived since she was three, so she redirected to the UK and settled at Chedington Equestrian. She then used a season of competitive starts to finish at the head of the 80-person WH Bond CCI2*-L.

Scoring her first international win aboard Sankro, Eneya said: “I was in Croatia at the beginning of 2020 with my family and although Covid meant we couldn’t return to the US, I also lost my horse. [Lawtown Boy] While I was away and didn’t want to come back to an empty stand, I thought I’d try my luck at the UK events. I wanted a fresh start.”

Enea’s abilities lie in jumping and complete contests. He was featured on the IG page (@_eeventing_).

Is Eneya Jenkins dating anyone?

According to her relationship status on Facebook, Eneya Jenkins is single. Furthermore, she did not share anything related to her love life on her Instagram. So, she or she does not want to publicly share information about her love life or is she actually single.

Eneya once posted a model from Miami named River Viiperi. When asked by a fan if he was Aenea’s boyfriend, she replied “maybe”. Her mom Diana also left a heart emoji in the comments section. The post was from April 2021, so maybe they were an item at the time.

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But none of them have appeared since then. Anyway, we don’t have much to say except that Eneya Jenkins is currently enjoying the life of a young single woman.

Height of Enea Jenkins

The height of Eeyea Jenkins is around 5 feet 8 inches.

  • Has Eneya Jenkins made her TV debut yet?

Diana Jenkins’ daughter Eney has yet to appear on television.

  • When is Eneya Jenka’s birthday?

Eneye Jenkins’ birthday is September 24.

  • Is Eneya Jenkins on Instagram?

Eneya Jenkins is on Instagram (@eneyajenkins). She is also on Facebook (@eneya.jenkins).

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