Enchanted: The Main Characters And Their Most Memorable Quote From The Film

The magical world of Enchanted finally returned to homes this month with a long-awaited sequel, Disenchanted, which was released on Disney+ on November 18th. With the original film’s entire all-star cast returning for the next installment of the franchise, fans were eager to see what antics their favorite characters would get up to in the sequel.

Having been able to finally watch Disenchanted, fans are also reliving the best parts of the original film, which truly holds up under the test of time. The hit 2007 film includes plenty of incredible quotes, one-liners, and jokes, with every character getting at least one memorable line.

“Sire, Do You… Like Yourself?”


Enchanted features one of Timothy Spall’s best performances, portraying Nathaniel, Prince Edward’s squire who happens to be in love with his step-mother, the evil Queen Narissa. Throughout the film, Nathaniel grapples with his devotion to Narissa and her constant mistreatment of him. After viewing a scene from a soap opera on the television, Nathaniel quotes one of the lines back to Edward, genuinely asking if the prince likes himself, to which Edward wonders what there could be not to like.

Nathaniel’s line in this scene is both hilarious and surprisingly philosophical, as he wonders if he is working for the queen as a way of punishing himself for his own shortcomings. While this quote is primarily played for laughs, it also foreshadows Nathaniel’s heel-face turn later in the film, finally coming to “like” himself after eschewing the queen’s evil vendetta against Giselle.

“Wow, I Gotta Lay Off The Nuts.”


Pip the chipmunk in Enchanted.

Pip is the obligatory animal sidekick in Enchanted, acting as Giselle’s best friend while she is still in Andalasia and later as Prince Edward’s guide in the real world. In the opening scene of the film, this adorable chipmunk climbs atop a tree branch to save Giselle from an attacking ogre, only for his presence to weigh the branch down to a tipping point. In a moment of pure self-realization, Pip resolves to “lay off the nuts.”

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While Pip doesn’t get many lines in the film following his arrival in New York City, where animals cannot speak, this quote remains one of the character’s funniest. It also proves to be surprisingly important, as the recurring joke of Pip’s weight actually lends itself to the third-act climax, where a similar situation sees him defeat the villainous Queen Narissa, who has taken the form of a dragon.

“And They All Lived Happily Ever After… Or, At Least I Did.”

Queen Narissa

Susan Sarandon as Queen Narissa in Enchanted

Susan Sarandon portrays Enchanted‘s villainous evil queen, Narissa, who seeks to remain on the throne by preventing her stepson, Prince Edward, from marrying. After arriving in New York City, Narissa tracks Giselle to a nearby ball, where she transforms into a dragon in an effort to kill anyone that stands in her way. As she taunts Giselle, she claims that it is only she who will ever manage to live happily ever after.

Narissa is truly one of the wickedest villains to emerge from Disney’s vault, scheming to kill anyone that threatens to stand in her way to power. However, these bitter and threatening words prove to be among the villain’s very last, as it isn’t long after that she falls from the top of the building, leaving the protagonists to find their own happy endings.

“Wow! You’ve Got Great Reception Down Here.”

Nancy Tremaine

James Marsden and Idina Menzel Enchanted

The iconic Idina Menzel portrays Nancy Tremaine, an interminably busy professional and Robert Philip’s soon-to-be fiancée who gradually realizes that her boyfriend has fallen in love with Giselle. However, the film’s ending sees Nancy run off with Prince Edward to be married in Andalasia. Her phone rings in the midst of their wedding ceremony, however, with Nancy remarking that this strange fairy tale land has surprisingly good reception.

While many original fans of Enchanted are sure to remember this joke for calling out the film’s sometimes inconsistent worldbuilding, the line also stands as one of Idina Menzel’s few notable moments in the film. The Tony Award-winning actress is featured surprisingly little in the original film, though promotional material for Disenchanted seems to promise a bigger role for her in the sequel.

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“Boys Are Only After One Thing.”

Morgan Philip

Amy Adams as Giselle talking to Morgan in bed in Enchanted

Rachel Covey’s Morgan Philip is Robert’s six-year-old daughter, who proves to be a highlight in this already beloved film. When she and Giselle go out to prepare for the upcoming ball, Morgan lends the princess a piece of sage advice about men, though she herself isn’t quite sure what it means (“Nobody will tell me,” she responds when asked what that one thing is).

This exchange highlights Morgan’s perfect place in the film, acting as the bridge between the fantasy world of Andalasia and the real world in which the plot takes place. While she has lived in the painfully realistic world of New York City for her entire life, she is not yet old enough to have become corrupted or disillusioned by it. Instead, she still proves innocent enough to identify with Giselle, who is a far cry from anyone else she has met before.

“I’m Handsome Even When I Sleep?”

Prince Edward

James Marsden as Prince Edward in Enchanted

James Marsden memorably portrays Prince Edward, a terrific parody of the Prince Charming archetype. Faithful to a fault, Edward follows Giselle to New York City in a desperate bid to save his would-be bride from any perils she may face in the real world. With Pip as his guide, Edward fails to see many of the clues that his chipmunk companion tries to give him along the way, including one hilarious moment in which he assumes that Pip intends to compliment his looks, even when he is asleep.

As admirable a man as Prince Edward is, there is no denying that he isn’t quite as bright as most of the other characters in the film. His almost unbelievable yet harmless ego keeps him from rescuing Giselle on multiple occasions, though it provides plenty of memorable gags for those in the audience.

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“Is This A Habit Of Yours? Falling Off Of Stuff?”

Robert Philip

Patrick Demsey and Amy Adams in Enchanted

Patrick Dempsey portrays Robert Philip, Enchanted‘s representative for the real world, who gradually falls in love with Giselle throughout the film’s events. When he first meets his future bride, however, he is less enamored and more confused by her presence. After catching her as she falls from a nearby billboard, Robert wonders if she makes a habit of falling off of things.

This line perfectly sets up the stark differences between Robert and Giselle that would be explored throughout the film. Of course, it also comes back at the film’s end when the tables are turned, and Giselle catches Robert from a near-fall, asking him if he, too, has a habit of falling off of things.

“You… Are Not A Very Nice Old Man!”


Amy Adams poking out of a manhole in Enchanted.

When she first arrives in New York City, it quickly becomes abundantly clear that Giselle is not cut out to survive in such a harsh world. After several awkward and unpleasant encounters in Times Square, Giselle encounters a derelict old man who, despite seeming kind to her, steals her crown, causing her to shout after him that he is “not a very nice old man.”

This line, which was featured heavily in the film’s marketing, perfectly describes Giselle’s personality, which clashes so well with the harsh landscape of New York City. Despite her severe anger and dismay at this moment, she can only conjure the lightest of insults for the thief, who seems unimpressed by her quarrel.

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