Emperor’s New Groove: 10 Kronk Memes That Will Leave You Cry-Laughing

there’s a Disney movie called become king There is a character named Kronk, a follower of Yzma. Fans love this character for who he is, because evil doesn’t define who he is. He is a man of many interests and quotes that fans have turned into incredible memes.

This curated collection of memes will make any Disney fan cry when he discovers the hilarity this character has to offer. He may not be Yzma’s best companion, but he does have some really funny manners.

a real friend

One of the great things about having a best friend is that they are always there for support from their other friend. This meme perfectly explains the relationship as they can tell when something is going on, but they are ready to support each other in any nefarious scheme they come up with. This is similar to the relationship between Yzma and Kronk, when the two work together to create evil potions and carry out evil plans.

RA University is not always available

RA College is the only person in the dormitory responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly within their faculty. This means that they are always open to accepting any student in their area, which is not always a good thing. Many people can understand because they have to go get their RA after midnight and their reaction is not pleasant because many people have morning classes in the morning.

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kronk is a man

cronk may not be the main character this The Emperor’s New Game, but he can also rely on fan reactions. Between his antics and his own struggles with morality, he is the most memorable. Fans couldn’t help but laugh at the meme centered on Kronk and his popularity in Disney movies.

Sherlock Holmes has some dubious abilities

Sherlock Holmes is a master at solving mysteries and will use every clue to his advantage, no matter how trivial it may seem. Fans can’t help but laugh at the meme, which shows how silly his methods can be at times, as even a speck of dust can indicate who a suspect is.

Adding the pipe to Kronk’s mouth is the perfect addition, and he almost resembles the character in a way. This is a meme that fans will never forget, as it adds a dash of humor to whatever Sherlock Holmes movie or series they decide to watch next.

PS5 is a must

With the PS5 coming soon, fans are braced for expensive purchases. This can affect their wallets, but luckily instant noodles are cheap, and a few dollars can last players for days. People who are contemplating buying such an expensive item will laugh at the meme themselves because no matter how big they are planning to buy, it can still be the end result.

Diamonds are hard to find

Minecraft players may have to dig quite a bit to find diamond blocks, and when they do, they’re done. Kronk understands the emotion when he praises the block they found, as shown in this meme. That may not make sense to people who don’t play the game, but it’s important to remember that Kronk helped them celebrate the win.

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Boys and girls react differently

When girls see a squirrel or other outdoor creature, one of the first things they do is comment on the animal’s adorable nature. The boys, on the other hand, delve into their animal nature and try to become one with the creature in order to lure it closer to them.

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at this Kronk meme because his squirrel language is something every boy can understand. This may seem a bit ridiculous in the movie, but it’s a fact of life.

Killer wasp sounds bad

The killer wasp, also known as the Asian giant wasp, has appeared in the United States in recent years. This meme perfectly summarizes their reaction to the fact that it’s just another tickable box in the hypothetical apocalypse bingo. Though the insects are now roaming the country, Kronk’s cheerful face says it all, as the townsfolk manage to put on a happy smile.

Christmas lights are everything

Christmas lights are a staple in many college apartments because they add a beautiful atmosphere to their space without breaking the budget. The movie’s fans couldn’t help but laugh when imagining exactly that thought running through the girls’ minds as soon as the lights were hung. To their guests this may seem like nothing, but to the tenants of the space, they are everything.

effective score

This meme is hilarious because this guy is a great example of society’s double standard when it comes to profanity. They are considered a sign of immaturity, however, they are words that only adults are allowed to use. Kronk’s inclusion amplifies this double standard as he uses part of his morality to discuss situations in order to expose the truth.

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