Elona Mobile MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) 1.1.5

Sometimes a new journey is the way to let go of the burdens of life. Get acquainted with Elona Mobile, it will completely change your boring life. Transform into a strong adventurer with a brave heart. Join them to discover a new land of wonders. Encounter great dangers and overcome them for a richer experience. You will find that there are better things waiting for you.

The adventure role-playing genre has been around for a long time. However, it still retains its appeal to this day. Elona Mobile inherits and promotes these advantages well with classic 2D pixel graphics. But not only that, but also an extremely diverse world that brings many new experiences to players without causing boredom. A game everyone should try once.

Download Elona Mobile Mod – Adventure and save the world

To start the game, choose a character with your favorite characteristics and appearance. Next is to perform the first operation according to the detailed instructions of the system. You will be able to move freely using the virtual joystick available on the screen. Combine with the battle button to quickly take down targets in the dungeon. Thanks to it, you can freely dodge enemy attacks, you can keep your distance from them and adjust your movements. When you pass all the challenges, you will unlock the sequels of the story. Try not to let your HP drop too quickly.

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Items will drop from enemy corpses when destroyed. It can be HP or mana recovery potion or reward. Travel to those locations to collect these for yourself. From there, fight more persistently in the passionate battle.

Free Elona Mobile Mod

collect equipment

As we all know, equipment is an integral part of a hero. They need them to protect themselves from the threats around them. It also gives them a lot of different attributes. From attack, defense, speed or limit the amount of health they can get. To own better equipment, you need to have the necessary amount of money. The more expensive the weapon, the more power the character has. You can complete the necessary quests to unlock random equipment. There are many ways to achieve the desired high intensity.

character creation

Elona Mobile will let you build your character in any direction you want. It could be a nice guy who always helps anyone, or a violent man who likes to kill people. You will have to gain experience from the battlefield by killing enemies. When you have enough experience points, you will be promoted and receive skill points. These skill points can upgrade what you need in the skill tree. Help the character’s abilities increase to the limit and become more effective. Your initial job selection will also determine the type of weapon you use. Whoever you are, you can still make a big difference.

Elona Mobile Application

find something special

On the game screen you will find many interesting things around. Whenever something appears next to your enemy, don’t ignore it. Refrigerator, statue or toilet can all help you to some extent, and you can collect eggs from horses and drink water in the toilet to increase stamina. Or weird tricks like using a pair of panties as a combat weapon. This is a unique style not found in other games. Create memorable and help players expand their thinking in different situations. Quirky doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

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Elona Mobile Mod Android

against monsters

Hundreds of different monsters will continue to appear along the way, all of which must be destroyed before moving on to other rooms. Each monster possesses strange properties, such as ranged attack or high agility. Besides, they can have side effects on you. The evil boss guarding the end of the dungeon is even more dangerous. They have enormous size and extraordinary strength. Join the Elona Mobile mod for a chance to beat them and prove your worth.

Download Elona Mobile MOD APK for Android (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier)

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