Elon Musk’s Father Reveals That He Had A Second Child With His Stepdaughter

Elon Musk’s father, 76-year-old Errol Musk, recently revealed that he got Jana Bezuidenhout pregnant three years ago and had a second child with her. Errol’s stepdaughter Jana is 41 years younger than him; Errol has nurtured her since she was four years old. In a statement, he further stated that when Elon Musk learned out, he went insane since he grew up with Jana.

“She looks like a cross between Rose and Tosca,” Errol Musk says of his stepdaughter.

Errol Musk, who is now 76 years old, said in an interview with a British tabloid that his kid with Jana was “unplanned.” In addition, he stated:

“I haven’t looked at her DNA. But she resembles my other daughters. She looks like a cross between Rose and Tosca. She resembles Rushi in appearance and behavior. So, you know, it’s fairly clear. She wasn’t on purpose. But, you know, we were living together. Jana spent around 18 months hereafter Rushi was born.”

Errol had been married to Jana’s mother, Heide, for 18 years and they had two children together. Errol, on the other hand, is cognizant of the generation difference between the two. He stated:

“However, I realized she’s two generations behind her mother, who was one generation behind her when I married her.” So, if you marry a lady, even if you’re in good shape, it’ll be lovely for a time. But there’s a major difference… And that chasm will be revealed. I married her mother when she was 25 years old and I was 45 years old. She was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen.”

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In terms of having additional children, Errol Musk said,

“We were here on this planet to reproduce, and if I could have another kid, I would.”

He said that his other daughters were taken aback by his connection with Jana and added:

“And they’re still not happy about it. They’re still a little creeped out by it since she’s their sister. “She’s their half-sister.”

Errol also discussed how accustomed he is to people pretending to be his mother. Speaking about his earlier days, he reminisced about how he had 6 ladies show in and claim to be pregnant with Errol’s kid. Erron, who referred to them as opportunists, spilled the beans when he mentioned a period in Johannesburg in the 1980s when he went out with a new woman every night.

Netizens are taken aback by Errol Musk’s announcement.

Since Errol Musk broke the surprising revelation, netizens have been unable to remain calm and, more importantly, unable to stop talking about it. One individual wrote on Twitter:

“This Errol Musk narrative is quite difficult to digest. When they met, he was 45 and his stepdaughter’s mother was 25. He and his stepdaughter now have two children. What a worrying tendency, and one of the reasons why “grooming” talks are so crucial.”

Errol Musk

Errol, 76, is an electromechanical engineer who spent his childhood in South Africa. He is the proprietor of a Zambian emerald mine in Lake Tanganyika, as well as a pilot, property developer, and sailor.

This Errol Musk story is really tough to take in. He was 45 and the mother to his step daughter was 25 when they got together. He and the step daughter now have two children together. What a disturbing pattern and reasons why conversations about “grooming” are so important.

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— MaCherie D (@MaCherie_D) July 14, 2022

Ummm… So do Errol Musk’s kids with his step daughter call Elon Musk their uncle or brother?😳

— Hadley Sheley (@HadleySheley) July 14, 2022

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