Elodie Yung Movies & TV Roles: Where You Know The Daredevil Star

Élodie Yung is best known for playing Elektra in the Netflix series Daredevil, but you might recognize the actress elsewhere.

She is probably best known for playing Elektra on Netflix reckless TV series, but here are other places you might have seen Élodie Yung. French-Cambodian actress makes her television debut in France rational life Soon got his first lead role in an action movie based on parkour in 2002 Big challenge 2004. In addition to appearing in the 2008 family comedy, Élodie Yung seems destined for a career in action films, as she has a black belt in karate in real life. lovely house She impresses with a memorable supporting role in the sequel District 13: The ultimatum The leader of the Tao gang.

Élodie Yung entered the American film industry with a small role as one of Lizbeth Salander’s lovers in David Fincher’s 2011 film adaptation. girl with dragon tattoo. Then she reintroduced her action credentials in 2013 GI.Joe: revenge As Jinx, although the character doesn’t get much screen time, she does participate in one of the most dramatic scenes, where she and Snake Eyes battle mountainside ninjas.

After co-starring in the British TV series still 2014 co-stars Evan Rachel Wood in unreleased romantic comedy 10 things I hate about lifeÉlodie Yung debuts as Elektra in Season 2 recklessShe’s beaten Matt Murdock and is on par with Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle/The Punisher, and she’s proven herself to be one of the season’s bright spots.

Elodie Yung in GI Joe 2

Élodie Yung then returned as Elektra defender, Netflix’s epic MCU crossover event between Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones. While there are currently no plans to revive the shared universe, Rong said she would love to return to the character. During this time, she also starred in several blockbuster movies egyptian gods Voice of the character Olivia Durant next to Gerard Butler Call of Duty: World War II Nazi zombie mode.

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Élodie Yung stars in 2017 action comedy with Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds assassin bodyguardwhere she plays the love interest of an Interpol agent for the latter. Unfortunately, it looks like her character won’t be returning in the upcoming sequel bodyguard of the killer’s wifeThe actress’s upcoming projects include the role of Queen Catherine in the Disney+ movie Secret Society of the Second Princes She will stand in front of the Fox TV pilot she cleanup – replaced Shannyn Sossamon in the lead role – also co-starred with Anthony Mackie in the movie heist mauritius blue.

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