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When death comes knocking, think about a number of things like what happens to your physical possessions when you die. Will our loved ones have to go through the trouble of dealing with things in our absence? This is exactly where Ella Engström comes into play. She helps people sort through their trash, and luckily for us, her work was featured on the TV show The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleanup.

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Ella Engström on the gentle art of swedish death cleansing

Peacock’s new show, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, premiered on April 27, 2023, and followed eight different people as they received guidance from “Death Cleaners,” including Ella Engström, on how to sort their trash so their loved ones wanted to have as little inconvenience as possible in the event of his death.

Obviously, a show about cleaning up death sounds scary, but the show isn’t really about “death”. Instead, Ella and the cast of Ella sympathetically teach Midwesterners of Kansas City that crowded houses that look like indoor swap meets make life miserable.

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleansing is inspired by the 2018 bestselling book by Margareta Magnusson, who also executive produced the Peacock series. When she wrote the book, Margareta was just trying to introduce Americans to the unusual Norse custom and the Swedish concept of “dostadning.” In simple words, she asked people to stop being sentimental as they got older. She takes control of the mess at home. Don’t leave it as a burden for others to take care of when you’re gone. And don’t be afraid to talk about your death.

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“Americans tend to have a lot of everything, like seasonal things for every occasion, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays,” Ella said. “This is very different from how we have it in Sweden. We have a more basic style that is used for most things. Then we spice it up with little details. Most of the things we have in our homes we use all the time.” . .”

She was joined in the inaugural season of Peacock by her colleagues: Johan Svenson (set designer, stylist and art director), Blöm (happiness psychologist and author) and Amy Poehler (narrator).

Ella Engström’s career

Ella Engström is an interior designer and organizational trainer. She has been in the profession for over 3 years helping people create homes that sustainably support the puzzle of life.

More precisely, in January 2020, Ella started this adventure at ENGSROOM, the family business she founded.

Before that, he worked in the management of Clas Ohlson for more than a decade. In addition, she was an Instructor/Inspirer at Life N Joy for almost 3 years and “Project Manager, Regional Visual Merchandiser, Sales Environment Manager and Interim Store Manager” at Åhléns AB from 1999 to March 2012.

In Åhléns, Ella gained extensive knowledge and experience in retail. There, Ella was responsible for managing new advertisements as well as many other special projects within range development and concept development.

Regarding her education, Ella studied commerce and business at Dalarna University.

How much is Ella Engström’s net worth?

By 2023, Ella Engström has earned a net worth of less than $500k.

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Instead, she earned about $60,000 a year as an interior designer in Sweden.

Ella Engstrom Age

Ella Engström was born before 1965. That makes her at least 58 years old when she appeared in The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning in 2023.

She was the oldest cast member that season.

Who is Ella Engström’s husband?

Ella Engström married her husband Ola Engström on October 8, 1988, after 4 years of dating. Now, more than 38 years later, the two continue to keep the fire burning with date nights, vacations, and their shared passion for design.

As recently as April 2022, the two were enjoying renovating their home. Later, in September of that year, the lovebirds were seen on a date at a gala dinner at the Aqua Marine Resort.

Her husband, Ola, worked as a transportation manager at Dala Freight. That meant he was often away from home and Ella missed him. Find him on IG @oengsroom and FB @o.engsroom.

As for their children, Ella and Ola have three children.

His son Andreas Engström attended Soltorgsgymnasiet, Blekinge Institute of Technology, and Örebro University. He lived in Örebro, Sweden.

On the other hand, his daughter Sara was married and had a son named Dylan.

Dylan turned 3 on October 24, 2021 and Ella was there to celebrate his birthday.

Ella Engström Height

Ella Engström is under 160 cm (5 feet 3 inches).

  • When is Ella Engström’s birthday?

She has not revealed her birthday.

  • Where is Ella Engstrom from?

She didn’t say where she was born, but said they moved around a lot because her parents were renovating their house. Also, while she was growing up, she was given the opportunity to “come together as a little crafter”, which fueled her passion for design.

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In 2023, Ella was living in Leksand, Sweden.

  • Is Ella Engström on Instagram and Facebook?

Find her on Instagram @engsroom and Facebook @ella.engstrom.1.

Also, here is his Pinterest @engsroom.

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