Elden Ring: Sorcerer Thops Quest Guide

Sorcerer Thops is an NPC merchant and quest giver Elden’s ring You can catch the Stained One in the Iris Chapel in Lunia of the Lake District. To reach this location, adventurers need to defeat Godric to clear the Stormveil Legacy dungeon, or walk along the secluded cliff path outside the eastern wall. The church is located on the left side of the main road, near Elden’s ring Ruins of grace are located on the cliff facing the lake in Liunia.

When Tarnished first speaks to Thops, he will request a donation of 10 runes to impart his magical knowledge to the protagonist. Doing so will unlock his shop, where he sells Amphibole Gravel, Amphibole Arc, and Starlight Magic. Unlike the Salem Witch, Topus cannot increase the number of spell products in his shop. If the player continues to talk to the mage, he will tell the player that a Greenstone Key is required to enter Rayalukaria Academy. If given the opportunity, Topus will also ask the Vandal to provide him with a key.

Therefore, to complete Topps .’s quest Elden’s ring, the adventurer needs to get the Greenstone University Key for the Mage NPC. The Greenstone Key that the player will use can be found on the Lair of Dragonsmarag Isle, west of the Academy. However, another hidden key can be found in Raya Lucaria, but you need to have a secret path to get to it.

How to complete Topps’ quest in Ring of Elden

second bluestone key Eldon’s Ring Lying on a corpse atop a chandelier in the College’s Cuckoo Chapel. The only way to rob a corpse is through an open window on the roof of the church. To get to the rooftop, Tarnished needs to complete a series of platform challenges while fighting or dodging some of the enemies along the way. From the debate room where the player defeated Ragadon’s red wolf, enter the north courtyard and go up the broken stairs on the left. Go up the next stairs above, jump over the railing in the left corner and continue down the winding walkway.

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After landing on the roof of Raya Lucaria Academy Eldon’s Ring, run south to the stairs leading to the upper intersection. Watch out for ambushes and defenders like General Grievous atop the trees. Keep jumping over the roof until you reach the Cuckoo Church. Go through one of the open windows and carefully scroll down to get the Greenstone key. Give the keys to Tops, then go to the ruins of Grace’s school classroom to find his pathetic corpse lying on the table and chair next to the waterwheel. Steal corpses for Topus Shield Spells, Academy Amphibolite Scepters, and Topus Watch Bearings.

Eldon’s Ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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