Elden Ring: How To Get The Rotten Duelist Set

The Rotten Duelist is a 3-piece armor set Elden’s ring Is a broken Scarlet Rot variant of the Duelist suit. This formidable suit offers ample physical and magical protection, while providing superior immunity against decay and poison. Curiously, the Altered version of the Cloak from the Rotten Gladiator Set has the passive effect of Shabriri’s Woe Charm. Therefore, wear the Gravekeeper’s Cloak (Changed) Elden’s ring Will cause enemies to attack the player faster from longer distances.

Getting the Rotten Duelist Set is very strange, as the pieces in the collection are not located in one location but are scattered across a sub-area. More specifically, Tarnished must travel north to Consecrated Snowfield and defeat three Rotten Duelists scattered across the map. Each elite enemy will drop a suit, and after the player kills all duelists, their decaying duel suit will be complete.

Keep in mind that the Dedicated Snowfield is the locked western half of Giant’s Peak, which can only be accessed by adventurers with two Hallitree Secret Medals. Once found in the village of Albinaurics in a swampy cave in southwestern Liunia. The other half is located on the roof of Thor’s Castle, which can be obtained after the player defeats the leader of the stronghold, Commander Neil. Once the Halitree Secret Medallion is complete, tarnished pilgrims will be able to enter the Consecrated Snow Field from Rold’s Grand Lift.

Rotten Duelist position in Elden Ring

First, the Rotten Duelist’s Helm can be found just west of Grace in the Holy Snowfield. Rotten fighters will guard a small graveyard. A tarnished challenger can use the casket lying on the ground as a barricade to launch bombardment attacks or cast spells. When an elite enemy is dead, the player can steal the helmet and rotten warhammer from it.

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The next item in the series, Rotten Gravekeeper’s Cloak, is available at Elden’s ring. From the first charming spot dedicated to snowfields, head northeast, near the cliff face. Soon, the Tarnished will pass through the crypt entrance to the Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs. The Rotten Gravekeeper Duelist is the location’s dungeon boss and drops his cloak when defeated.

Finally, the Rotten Duelist is located northwest of Liturgical Town Ordina. Enemies will stare across the snowy wasteland to the north and if the player is invisible, they will have a chance to stab them in the back. Killing this mob will grant the set’s Greaves of the Duelist and the Rotten Greataxe of the set.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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